Tuesday, October 23, 2007


....you can't make her feel comfortable in this bustling city! We drove down Las Vegas Blvd. this afternoon, all the way through The Strip area. It was so busy, with so much traffic, and everyone else knowing where they're going, and us not having a clue.........I was petrified! Of course I always am scared in traffic so that's nothing new. I was amazed at the buildings, some of them quite beautiful. It will be a long while before I'll be brave enough to go down at night when the lights are supposed to be incredible.
I am not much for spending money on this kind of entertainment, but this is one show I would like to see. Phantom at the Venetian. We have a lot of information on things in the area to do, and we did see there is a military discount of $20 for this show. I've seen prices listed from $200 down to $75. The lowest price being the back of the third balcony, I believe. So I may consider that one. They say just seeing the theatre, built especially for Phantom, is worth the price of admission. We'll think about it.
And we have a grandson who likes the Beatles, so maybe we should check this out. I haven't seen the prices for Cirque du Soleil, but I imagine they're up there, too. I don't waste my hard earned money on gambling, but we will check out some of these places just to see what it's like inside. Most places have a show or some entertainment that is free so we can do those things when I get brave enough to venture down to The Strip again. Remember, I'm just a country girl from small town Minnesota! Can you read the sideways sign? It ways: Condominiums for sale. For the ultimate address call.........and then the number. The building looks like it's covered in gold. Maybe it is!


Anonymous said...

I'm so envious!! I love Las Vegas!! I can spend days there without ever spending a dime.....at the malls!! I love the casinos. They are so much fun to see. We stayed at the Venican Hotel one of the last times we were there. It's just fun to walk the strip and look at all the hotels. I hope you enjoy it too. There is so much to do for free. Be sure to see the Treasure Island show....it's free. Phantom is WONDERFUL!! So is Celine Dion's show....A New Day. (I heard she was retiring, so don't know if she is still there)

If you ever want any company...just let us know your plans....well a month or so in advance! I'd love to join you....maybe even I could get Gary to come along!

Have so much fun! And keep the pictures coming!! I love to see what you are doing. I read your blog every day. love you, gail

JACOB said...

that looks like so much fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Splurge on a limo ride so you can see the strip all lit up at night! They're reasonable actually -- $50-60 per hour. It's worth it! My girls and I went a couple years ago and had a blast! Brenda