Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The temperature this morning is 21 degrees! Are we using the gas furnace in the RV? Nope. Of course not. We have the electric fireplace and the small electric heater going as the electricity is included in the site rent. Our gas isn't.

The plan is to check with the garage this morning to make sure all is on schedule. If it is, we should be able to pick the truck up about noon, return the rental car to the airport, and ride off into the hills. Our destination is Mesa Verde. I have never been there, so I am looking forward to going there.

We have said a prayer of thanks for the truck breaking down in Gunnison. Our original plan was to breeze right on through this little cowboy town, and if we had done so, we would have missed the incredible sights we have been blessed to see these past three days. We have gone north to Crested Butte, west to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and south (pictures coming soon) to Lake City. We had arrived in town from the east, so we have covered all directions.

I have always listed my favorite spot as northern Minnesota, especially the Boundary Waters Area, and we return often. Fifteen years ago after our first trip to Alaska, I had to add that destination to the list of favorites, and with a son living there, we do make that trip again and again. My short trip to Italy, a couple of years ago, certainly put that country on the list, but I know for certain that I'll never have that opportunity again. Then, on our trip this summer, New Foundland easily made my list with it's stark and simple beauty. Now I am adding the Gunnison area of Colorado to my favorites. And the wonderful thing is that when we give up the traveling life and settle down back in Minnesota, we would easily be able to return to this area.

We thank God for the blessings we have been given: His Son so Heaven is ours. His beautiful creation for our enjoyment. Family and love. Our health. The health insurance through Air Force retirement so we are able to do this. And for keeping us safe on our travels. God is indeed good. Praise Him!


Linda B. said...

I just caught up on this leg of your travels and it strikes me how talented you are in photography. Both you and Kari have talents in art:you with art in pictures and Kari's is art with words.

Linda up north said...

Such beautiful country! You are indeed blessed to be able to do this!ll