Friday, October 26, 2007


This is a picture taken towards the west at the end of sunset tonight. The winds have changed direction and the smoke from the California fires is starting to arrive in the valley. The air quality tomorrow will only be moderate. At this point we can't smell anything because the smoke is quite high in the atmosphere, but by morning they say we will probably notice it.

Today we located the church we plan to attend while we are here. We met the pastor and found his father had been born and raised within 50 miles of our home. And he is pretty sure his brother was a good friend of our nephew who is a pastor in Wisconsin. We look forward to services on Sunday and the pastor seems like he will be a good speaker.

The weather is certainly a big change from Minnesota, and I'm not too sure I like it. It seems weird to have 85 degrees when it's almost November. And there is no humidity. The sun is so bright it hurts my eyes, but it sure feels good on my sore shoulders and neck. I guess I have to give it a little more time to grow on me. After all, we haven't even been here a week yet.

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