Thursday, October 11, 2007


On Tuesday we drove from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Colorado Springs, Colorado, to the home of the Air force Academy. What a beautiful setting this is! And we toured the most beautiful part of this campus, the Air Force Academy Chapel. The unusual building sits atop a hill, seemingly guarding the whole campus. There are three chapels located in the building, the Protestant Chapel is on the main floor, and the Catholic and Jewish Chapels are on the lower level.
These are the windows of the Protestant Chapel, echoing the shape of and framing the mountains to the west. Each window is surrounded by beautiful stained glass which catches the light of the sun and fills the room with a surreal light.

This is a view looking straight up to the peak of the chapel, where again the peaks of the roof are surrounded with stained glass.
The altar area of white marble is a peaceful calming area in sharp contrast to the vivid colors of the windows.

The Catholic chapel has warm, sunny gold light streaming through the windows
and a beautiful altar area with angels hovering over a garden scene. There wasn't much light in that area so the picture is quite dark and I really don't know exactly what the scene was.

On the other end of the lower level was the Jewish Synagogue. The scroll I took a picture of is called The Holocaust Torah, as it was discovered many years after the Holocaust in a hiding place where it had been kept and protected for all those years. The portion shown is the book of Deuteronomy.
The windows in this area were purples and blues, and were very beautiful in the late afternoon with the sun shining in from the western sky.
This last picture shows you some of God's awesome creation along the one third mile path leading from the Visitor Center to the cadets chapel. If you ever have the chance to visit Colorado Springs, do not miss this trip to the Academy Chapel.

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