Thursday, January 31, 2013


I only have the spool ends on one block, but with the forecasted high temperature of minus one today, I just may have them finished up shortly!  I don't think I am going out as the wind chills could reach 40 below.   In fact they closed the school district today because of the cold.  But that's okay, I don't have to leave.  The cupboards and freezer are stocked, so bring it on!  I just worry about those without warm homes, or those with furnaces that can't be trusted, or those who are at the end of their money for the month and have empty cupboards.  If you know someone in that situation, please check on them when it's this bitter cold.  I will too.
So stay home, stay warm, and stay busy in the sewing room!


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Oh my.  I am embarrassed.  I enthusiastically signed up for Marlene's going visiting fun, and then I completely neglected my blog.  The truth is, since I started doing Facebook, I spend way too much time on the computer and something had to go, so I just backed off on this blog.  However, I know I have friends here that are not on Facebook, and I have missed them.  I still read many blogs each day so have not neglected these friends.  I am going to remedy this and will post here again.

Actually, it had been a pretty quiet month here in Minnesota.  We have only had a total of eleven inches of snow this winter, but have had some rain and ice.  And we are now facing our second stretch of days with a high temperature below zero.  I would rather have the snow!

I do have a project or two in the works.  When we went to Branson the first weekend in December, I did visit their great quilt shop, and I bought some pre-cuts that I had veen envying.  I am finally making the Spools wall hanging for my sewing area, using Bonnie and Camille's Marmalade, of course.  Then I decided I would also make a quilt for the guest bed in that room, with another of Camille's patterns and the same Marmalade line.  My goal for the year is to master FMQ.  I keep trying, but I just cannot get it.  Does anyone have any good tutorials or ideas for me?  I have a big Brother with a long throat, so I really should be able to do it.  Somehow I don't think the presser  foot pressure is right, and I have adjusted it, to no avail.  I am satisfied with my straight line quilting, but just not the FMQ.

Again, I apologize for not updating this site for a month!  Please give me another chance!

And this is another reason that I have neglected this blog.  My great grand princess, Abby!  She is already 5 months old, and getting cuter by the second!