Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just a short note to report that Anna is feeling better. Her rash is already improved after just two applications of the teeny tiny tube of cream that we had to get from the alternate pharmacy. I'm so glad she was happy and excited to go to school was Twins Day at the elementary school where Ben and Anna attend. The students were allowed to wear a cap or T-shirt promoting the Minnesota Twins. Anna thought we should rush out to buy her a shirt, but sister Katie said she had a Twins cap that she could loan to Anna. So both Ben and Anna jumped out of the van this morning and ran to the school door, shouldering their back-packs with one hand and holding their caps on with their other hand.

(Kari and Mike should skip the following paragraph)

I don't know what I'm in for this afternoon, though. I mentioned that we should have a surprise for mom and dad when they come home tomorrow. I'm thinking a sign that reads welcome home and maybe a balloon or two. I think the kids have grander plans and I'm almost afraid to see how much their ideas cost! They have been so good for us, so I guess we can spring for a little extra for their plans to welcome mom and dad home.

News from DC: This morning Kari was interviewed on a live feed to our local radio station. We didn't know about it until later, so we didn't hear it. But we found out that she had another interview that was filmed for our local TV station. So we'll be watching the six and the ten o'clock news, hoping to see her. They are having fun, but have sore legs and feet from all the walking they've done trying to see as much as possible in between the scheduled events. And she reported after yesterday's luncheon that Hillary is a great speaker, passionate about adoption and foster care, and that she is prettier in person than on the TV screen.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This was Anna the last time Kari and Mike left town. I didn't take a picture of her tonight because she didn't want anyone to see her face, but she has a huge rash on the left cheek, on her nose, and chin a bit, and it's starting on the right cheek. It was very slight this morning, and she said it itched so we put her lotion on it. However, the rash spread during the day and we decided we'd best get it checked out.

Well, first of all, when you go to Urgent Care if you aren't sick when you get there, you will be before you leave! The place was packed with sick kids, sick parents, sick older people.......boy, did we make use of the hand sanitizer! We sat as far away from everyone else as we could, and because Anna had insisted on bringing along a whole bag of books, we had something to do for the hour that we waited, and we didn't have to look at any of the books all the other kids had touched.

After waiting an hour, the nurse came out and asked us to go to a different department because they were really overrun in Urgent Care. We got into the other doctor almost immediately. He thinks the rash is an infection from the slight runny nose Anna has, and the picking she does on her nose when it's irritated. He prescribed an antibiotic and a cream for the rash.

Off to the pharmacy that Kari and Mike use. I got to sit and wait there, too. Then the aide called me up to tell me they didn't have the cream but would fill the antibiotic. They told me that the cream is very expensive, $50 for a tiny tube, so they don't stock it very often. But we could go to XYZ Pharmacy because they have it all the time.

So we went off to the other pharmacy where all the sick people from the Urgent Care Clinic must have been waiting for their meds! I just dropped the prescription off and said I'd return to pick it up after supper. BAD idea. When I got back there at seven I was number six in line, and within a minute there were six more behind me. And there was a twelve year old all alone behind the counter! I don't think the young man had even completed junior high school! And he was having a tough time handling all the people in line by himself, especially when he got to the gal in front of me. She had two insurance cards, neither of which worked in the system. But she just knew one of them was the right card. He tried again, and neither would work again. She shook her long blond hair out of her eyes and asked if he could look it up under her dad's name. The young man went off for about five minutes and came back and tried another number, which worked. Yeah! Then she had to dig through her bottomless bag to find her debit card. FINALLY it was my turn. I stepped up, gave Anna's name, he handed me the bag with her cream and I was off through the grumbling crowd that had gathered in the line behind me during the more than FIFTEEN minutes that it took the gal in front of me to complete her purchase. Ohhhhhh, I was flustered!

Anna has also been coughing a bit, so we'll watch her closely to make sure she doesn't do what she did the last time Kari and Mike left town. Hopefully we can get her back to 100% quickly. The doctor said the germs don't jump off the patient and on to other people, so she isn't contagious in that way, but if she picked her sores and then touched someone she could pass it on. So I'll see how she's looking and acting in the morning. Hope I don't have to keep her home from school! I need those hours to rest up! Anna is exhausting to say the least.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Twenty nine hours and I'm still alive and kicking.........and so are the kids! The grandkid sitting has gone well so far. I hope and pray it continues! But when Kari says she is tired at the end of the day, she isn't telling the half of it. Oh, my, goodness! I have not been so physically exhausted since I had seven teenagers at home and I was running in 49 different directions! I guess being 65 and having FMS could be a part of it, but I ached from head to toe last night when I dropped into bed. However, I am happy to report that I slept well, only awake every hour or so but able to fall right back asleep each time I awoke and I bounded out of bed at 6:15 this morning, ready for day two of grandma and grandpa's excellent adventure. (Don't know why I'm including grandpa as he pretty much held down the recliner all day yesterday. The Vikings won again, due to his constant presence in front of the TV. Priorities, you know.)

This morning as we pulled away from the house for school deliveries I mentioned to Ben that I hadn't seen him take his meds, but he assured me that he had taken them. When we got home I saw the pill container still on the counter, and the morning meds still in the slot. So I called the school and talked to his teacher to tell her, and then quickly headed back to school with said pills in a baggie. When I got to school I found that Ben wasn't talking to anyone this morning and he was just sitting in a bean bag pouting. I rushed right up to him and said "Ben! I forgot to give you my phone number so you could call me if you wanted to. I know you call your mom sometimes so thought maybe you'd want to call me, too." There was a little flicker of a grin almost appearing in the corners of his mouth and he seemed pleased to get the little piece of paper with my cell number written on it and he quickly pocketed it. Then I mentioned that I also found the pills on the counter and he must have forgotten to take them. Not so much of a smile appeared then, so I pulled out the big ammunition and said "and your mom has pictures of their first night in DC on the blog, and there's a picture of your dad in a diner with a sign behind him that says 'Bill eats here.' Do you think that's Bill Clinton?" A big giant smile appeared and Ben started talking to me! His special, wonderful teacher then stepped in and said they could look at the pictures on the smartboard in the classroom. I hope we defused a meltdown and that his day in school will go well.

As to Anna, well, she was energetic (not a strong enough word to describe her morning, but I'm too exhausted to think of another) and we got the meds in, cinnamon toast and milk in, and hair brushed, jacket on and out the door only about 4 minutes later than the ideal time! I was impressed with us!

I promised the kids if it wasn't raining we could go to the park after school. Now I hope I can remember to pick them up on time!

Blogger still won't let me link anything. Don't know if it's my computer or what. I see others are linking, so it must be my problem but I have no idea what's up So to read about their adventure in DC, go to

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Tomorrow morning we will get up at 3:30 to begin our great adventure. Ernie will drop me off at Kari and Mike's house, and he'll pick them up and head to the airport where they will board a place for Washington DC. Not Ernie! He'd best be coming back to help me with the kids! We will be in charge of three of their kids from Sunday until they return on Thursday afternoon. The older three kids all live in town, so if we run into troubles, we will call them for help! But I'm sure things will go well. Adam is 14, a freshman in high school, a new cell phone owner, and we've lived with him before so I doubt we'll have any problems. (He spent the summer with us in Alaska in 2006.) Ben is 11 and is the resident computer genius so I expect he'll be helpful to have around. And Anna is 7, and is......well, Anna is Anna! And I love her dearly. We are going to have a great time!

But if that plane is late coming home on Thursday, you may hear me screaming!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Many, many times in the past 27 years since we moved to this town, I have spent time on this day, September 23, at The Lighthouse, a Christian bookstore. I did so today, too. Only my visit there today was not the same as it was in the past. You see, today was my mom's birthday and tomorrow is my oldest daughter's birthday. Each year, on this day, I would go to the bookstore in search of the perfect birthday cards for them.

Today I did find the perfect birthday card for my daughter. The daughter cards were there in the rack, right next to the mother birthday cards. As I decided on a card for Kari, I felt a lump rise up in my throat and tears form in my eyes. I could see the beautiful mother birthday cards, but I only needed one card today. Mom has been gone over a year now, and is celebrating her second birthday in Heaven.

And then the thought came to me that she wouldn't even want a card from me today! What could be better than having a birthday party with Jesus!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


It's been almost a week since I posted. No excuse, I'm just lazy. I have done nothing of importance this past week, just a load of clothes here and there, cooked meals, washed dishes, and picked up a little. Very little. I just have not been able to get going since we returned from Alaska. I think I need to go back! Maybe I would get rejuvenated and when I returned again I would have my energy back!

But, I have noticed this lack of posting elsewhere out there in the blogosphere. I have blogs that I check daily, and there is nothing new since July! July first, mind you. Over two months ago! I know that many have gone to Facebook, and I have a feeling they have just abandoned their blogs. Why? Didn't I treat you right? Didn't I comment enough? I'm sorry. I'll do better! I promise I will. Just please post something! And you know who you are. I don't have to name names.

I do have to find some energy soon. Starting next Sunday at 5 AM, I have to babysit for daughter Kari's three youngest kids while she goes to Washington DC to receive an award. I have been trying to link to the post where she talks about this award, but Blogger is refusing to allow me to link tonight. Don't know what's the problem, but it won't let me do it. Anyhow, she is to receive the Angel in Adoption award for the state of Minnesota. She and Mike are going to be gone from Sunday until Thursday.........and we get the kids. And I'll need energy times ten!

Oh, I do have a piece of good news. Remember on our trip to Alaska when the bikes fell off the rack and were dragged behind the camper for a distance.........we don't know how far, but it totaled Ernie's bike, and did a good job on mine, too. But mine was able to be fixed! We just got it back and it looks good as new with it's new seat and handlebar. I am so happy! Ernie got a new bike on Craig's List for $35. So we plan some fall riding here soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I was finishing up dishes tonight when I happened to glance out the window over the sink which looks toward the west. This is what I saw:
Off to the south a bit this was the scene
which soon changed to this
Looking straight west again was this
What a beautiful end to the day.

A day which brought the news that one of Ernie's older brothers had a heart attack this afternoon. He is doing okay tonight in ICU, and will be having surgery in the morning. We had just seen him on Saturday night at our great niece's wedding. We certainly don't know what God has in store for us, do we.

Friday, September 11, 2009

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001

Even nature weeps as we as a nation remember this date, eight years ago.

Monday, September 07, 2009


I really did have three loaves of banana there are only two and three fourths loaves. Wonder what happened?
And here is the French bread.....and one just round shaped. I sure can't take food pictures very well, can I! It sure smells good, and looks okay, so I'm guessing it turned out just fine. We will let yo9u know shortly!


When we were in Seldovia, Chris made the most awesome French Bread one day, and I got the recipe from him immediately! Today is my day to try it out, and I am waiting for it to finish the first rising so I can punch it down. If it turns out half as good as what Chris made, I'll be thrilled.

And if it looks good, I'll post a picture of it.

I am also going to make banana bread because my friend Judy gave me a big bunch of very ripe bananas. The recipe I use is from my friend, Diane, who lived across the street from us on Grand Forks Air Force Base, and I think of her every time I make it. Diane and I were good friends. We coffeed together, bowled together and even had a business together. In the service, when you get orders to move to a different base, you have to pass an inspection of your house before you can sign out. Lots of folks did not want to stick around for another three days or so to clean their quarters after the movers had packed and loaded their household goods, and they would pay cleaners to clean it for them. That is what Diane and I did......cleaned houses after people moved out, and then we were responsible to go to the final inspection. I'm proud to say that we were very good cleaners, and after the inspectors got to know us and how thorough we cleaned, they seldom found a thing wrong. We had to clean everything! Wash all walls, clean windows inside and out, bathrooms had to sparkle, kitchens too, floors had to shine, all black marks from wire hangers had to be removed from closet rods, and even the furnace and all pipes in the basement had to be cleaned. We had to mow the yard and clean the garage too. We usually had a weekend to clean and we'd work Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sundays after church until we finished up. Then we had the inspection on a Monday morning. It was hard work! Sometimes we'd have two or even three a week. I was busy, tired, stiff and sore, and a lot skinnier than I am now!

But enough memories. I need to punch the bread down and get going on the banana bread. I'll let you know when it's done, and I'll put the coffee on. Come on over!

Thursday, September 03, 2009


I'm still working on getting the clothes all washed! If I would just do seven loads I would be done, but I do two, and then by the next day there's another load, so I do three. Then there's another load again, and I do two again. I just need to buckle down and do it!

We still have some things to carry in from the camper too. And then I need to clean! Wow, do I need to clean! The dirty gravel roads in Seldovia, and all the gravel on the construction sections of the highway sure did a number on the blinds and window frames. Even one wall by the slide out is dust covered.

Yesterday we went up to the University hospital to see daughter Gail. She looks better than I've seen her look in years. Seriously! Years! She is horribly thin, but she hasn't had food yet, and it's been two and a half weeks since her surgery. She is healing well, and is looking forward to that first meal. I guess she did have a half a Popsicle last night, and now today she's off the IV and able to sip water. It's a long process to recover, and she is right on track they said. I don't know how much longer she'll be hospitalized. I'll go up again either tomorrow or Saturday. I want to thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. We know prayer works!

I've already been to the Farmers Market two times since we got home Sunday night. The tomatoes are wonderful, as are the peppers, zuchs, corn and potatoes. Oh, green and yellow beans, too. I could live on vegetables as long as they were these fresh from the garden kinds!

Hubby is unhappy because his HD TV isn't getting a signal from the satellite. He told the repairman on the phone that this had best not be happening during football season. He has high hopes for his Vikings this year. The guy was supposed to stop out tonight on his way home from work, but it's eight and he hasn't shown up yet so I'm guessing he won't.

Have a wonderful evening.