Monday, September 07, 2009


When we were in Seldovia, Chris made the most awesome French Bread one day, and I got the recipe from him immediately! Today is my day to try it out, and I am waiting for it to finish the first rising so I can punch it down. If it turns out half as good as what Chris made, I'll be thrilled.

And if it looks good, I'll post a picture of it.

I am also going to make banana bread because my friend Judy gave me a big bunch of very ripe bananas. The recipe I use is from my friend, Diane, who lived across the street from us on Grand Forks Air Force Base, and I think of her every time I make it. Diane and I were good friends. We coffeed together, bowled together and even had a business together. In the service, when you get orders to move to a different base, you have to pass an inspection of your house before you can sign out. Lots of folks did not want to stick around for another three days or so to clean their quarters after the movers had packed and loaded their household goods, and they would pay cleaners to clean it for them. That is what Diane and I did......cleaned houses after people moved out, and then we were responsible to go to the final inspection. I'm proud to say that we were very good cleaners, and after the inspectors got to know us and how thorough we cleaned, they seldom found a thing wrong. We had to clean everything! Wash all walls, clean windows inside and out, bathrooms had to sparkle, kitchens too, floors had to shine, all black marks from wire hangers had to be removed from closet rods, and even the furnace and all pipes in the basement had to be cleaned. We had to mow the yard and clean the garage too. We usually had a weekend to clean and we'd work Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sundays after church until we finished up. Then we had the inspection on a Monday morning. It was hard work! Sometimes we'd have two or even three a week. I was busy, tired, stiff and sore, and a lot skinnier than I am now!

But enough memories. I need to punch the bread down and get going on the banana bread. I'll let you know when it's done, and I'll put the coffee on. Come on over!


Lena . . . said...

That bread looks just yummy. How well I remember those housing inspections - they could be pretty tough, but then it was always nice to move into a nice clean place on base.

Lisa said...

Man, I was just sure I could smell it here. And even though it is now 1:30 a.m. I am hungry! thanks!
Glad you are home safe and sound! I sure have missed talking to you, my fault, but I just can't seem to get back into the mood for blogging!