Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just a short note to report that Anna is feeling better. Her rash is already improved after just two applications of the teeny tiny tube of cream that we had to get from the alternate pharmacy. I'm so glad she was happy and excited to go to school was Twins Day at the elementary school where Ben and Anna attend. The students were allowed to wear a cap or T-shirt promoting the Minnesota Twins. Anna thought we should rush out to buy her a shirt, but sister Katie said she had a Twins cap that she could loan to Anna. So both Ben and Anna jumped out of the van this morning and ran to the school door, shouldering their back-packs with one hand and holding their caps on with their other hand.

(Kari and Mike should skip the following paragraph)

I don't know what I'm in for this afternoon, though. I mentioned that we should have a surprise for mom and dad when they come home tomorrow. I'm thinking a sign that reads welcome home and maybe a balloon or two. I think the kids have grander plans and I'm almost afraid to see how much their ideas cost! They have been so good for us, so I guess we can spring for a little extra for their plans to welcome mom and dad home.

News from DC: This morning Kari was interviewed on a live feed to our local radio station. We didn't know about it until later, so we didn't hear it. But we found out that she had another interview that was filmed for our local TV station. So we'll be watching the six and the ten o'clock news, hoping to see her. They are having fun, but have sore legs and feet from all the walking they've done trying to see as much as possible in between the scheduled events. And she reported after yesterday's luncheon that Hillary is a great speaker, passionate about adoption and foster care, and that she is prettier in person than on the TV screen.


Linda B said...

She's having the time of her life, isn't she! Is it your home town local station or would my area be covering it too?

Marge said...

I think it would be just our local station. She said she'd blog quick when she found out the place and time. So check a bit later. And I totally forgot to sponser you on your walk. I'm sorry!

Lisa said...

Oh that is just awesome. I bet the kids were super excited to know their momma was on tv. That is really neat. Glad the rash is better!