Thursday, October 01, 2009


Now I know that Anna is truly comfortable with me. She went into her normal everyday nasty mood this morning. I guess she figures grandma has been around long enough now that she doesn't have to be good anymore! And she gave it to me good. And I'm sorry to say I raised my, I'll admit it.....I yelled at her! Me, a 65 year old grandma of 15, veteran of raising 7 kids, let this little 7 year old push my buttons big time this morning!

I asked Anna to hurry because it was raining and we had to bring Adam to his school. So she switched to putting one cheerio on her spoon at a time and letting her hair almost hang into the cereal bowl, then flicking it back like a super model on the runway. I yelled at her.

Did you know it takes 14 bites to eat one teaspoon of applesauce with meds hidden in it? Or a couple dozen fake swallows to get the three teaspoons of antibiotic down, even if it is flavored with that stinky grape stuff? I hollered at her.

Then I threatened to leave her at home with sister Katie while Ben and I went to buy a balloon to welcome her mom and dad home from Washington DC. She didn't care.

The honeymoon is over and she was in total control this morning! Her mom probably won't leave me in charge again!


FAScinated said...

Hey, I yell too. And I'll leave you in charge as often as you are willing! ~Kari
P.S. Sorry we're delayed at the airport- I was trying to hurry home!

Rick and LuAnn said...

Who doesn't yell? You did a wonderful job!

Lisa said...

I bet they will to leave you in charge again....even if you do yell, they need the break. And sometimes grandma's just yell. That is our right!