Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Look what I found at one of the local thrift shops today.  It's a moustache cup, and isn't it absolutely beautiful?  I took one look and grabbed it before anyone else could spy it.

It's mostly white, with the soft blue painted on the front and a little on the back.  The rim and handle are edged in gold.  The little white dot looking things are raised specks of paint.

This is the marking....if you enlarge it you will see that it is Royal Bavarian China, Germany.  I looked online and found the exact mark with the crown on top and the P.M. B is in the center circle.  I absolutely love i!

This pretty cup was marked $1.00 but today was seniors day......25% off.  So I paid 75 cents for this gem!


Linda up north said...


Joni said...

A precious find! I LOVE looking through old shops and thrift stores for little gems like the one you have found. I'll have to share my etsy store with you someday...*sigh, when I can manage to squeeze a few extra moments out of the day and get it looking pretty.

October hugs ~

Linda B said...

You must have been thrilled to find this~ (there is an award waiting for you on my blog)

Lisa said...

Scott has some of those cups too. My problem is having room to display all the goodies he has. You sure found the bargin of the day (maybe even month huh?)

Anonymous said...

I love roaming thrift stores! I have one down pat, that I can go in and do a quick focus to see if there's anything new. Rick asks why I buy all of this stuff..because I love it! Plus, I rarely shop retail stores. I don't get the same thrill with them.