Monday, August 01, 2016


We have been having such a pleasant time visiting the Alaska kids!  I haven't been so relaxed in a long time, and wonder of wonders, I am sleeping at night!  Must be the quiet, the fresh air, the stress free life we are having up here.  Beats living next to a 4 lane highway, that's for sure!

Rush hour in Seldovia

So we went fishing the other day.  We set a long line with about 30 octopus baited  hooks hanging from it, and let it set for several hours.  We then went back to check it and hopefully pull in some halibut.
 This is Captain Chris, our son
 Ernie and Chris pulling in the line
 No halibut, just starfish!
But who cares when this is the scenery!

 We hung around the Boardwalk
 We went to the playground at the little park
 We had a beach picnic with all the awesome people up here
 We hid in the tall grasses and fireweed
 We walked around and looked at the pretty flowers
 and gardens
Amy and I picked raspberries and the 2 1/2 year old berry kid ate berries!

Yes, we are having a wonderful time.  The weather has been cloudy and rainy for the most part, but the climate, the scenery and the people are just as awesome as can be! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

 Wow!  It has been almost 2 years since I wrote a blog post!  I guess Facebook has pretty much taken over!  However, I have some friends and family that aren't on Facebook, and I wanted to share some photos with them, so this is the easiest way to do that.  Bear with me....I don't remember how to do many things I used to do daily, but we will give it a try.

This past Sunday we flew to Alaska for a few days to visit Chris, Amy, and grandson Nils.  We arrived in their  little village yesterday about dinner time after an uneventful flight, drive down the Seward and Sterling Highways, and ride on the Alaska Marine Highway system ferry.  The weather has been rainy and cloudy, but we had no problems or safety issues, for which we are thankful.

This morning we went for a walk around this little sleepy village, and I snapped a few photos with my phone because I forgot my camera!

 I didn't have to walk far to snap this first picture.  It is the scene directly out the door of the cabin where we are staying.  This was about 6am, not a creature was stirring, and not a ripple spoiled the mirror surface on the slough.  There was not a sound.  Even the chattering seagulls hadn't awakened yet.
We walked down the old Seldovia Boardwalk which was almost totally destroyed in the earthquate of 65.  Looking back you can see our starting point, the darker blue cabin in the middle. Yes, we are on stilts that are in the water when the tide comes in, so there is water under the cabin and the boardwalk.
 A flower display along the boardwalk.
A collection of teapots holds plants in this garden.
I think the colorful poppies just might be my favorite of the beautiful flowers here.  
 A pretty centerpiece on the picnic table in the little park in the middle of the village.
This was taken at Inside Beach where I was attempting to get a phone signal.  No such luck!  On the far horizon to the right behind the tree covered hill, is Homer, on the other side of Kachemak Bay.  We stayed in Homer on Monday night, in this B&B pictured below.  Our hostess, Debbie, grows fabulous flowers, don't you think?

Now I will attempt to push the publish button and see if it still works!  I am really just fumbling my way through this, trying to remember something I did for 8 years!  If it works, I'll see you again soon!