Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sorry about those worms.  Maybe this will make up for them.


Yesterday I said you had to use your imagination because I couldn't get pictures to load to Blogger.  Well, today you don't have to use your imagination.  Here is the real thing.  Ready?  Set?  Go!  Have a look at what we're seeing here.  This is the yellow wheel chock behind the trailer wheel.  Those ugly creatures show up really well against the yellow, don't you think?  Have I said that I despise those things?
Other than those unwelcome pests, things are going well.  We've been waiting until a bit after noon to clean the bathrooms and showers because they are so busy in the morning.  And we must be doing a good job because I've already been told twice by the campers that "you guys do a really good job.  The bathrooms are so nice and clean."  We aim to please!  Ernie has tackled some brush, and he's cleaned the shed, and the garbage/recycling area.  I've walked the roads and picked up trash and sold wood and ice.  So far we like our new home in the state park!

We are expecting rain today, possibly a thunderstorm.  They skies are gray and the temps have dropped considerably from the last two days.  Thank goodness.  90 is too hot for me!

Friday, May 28, 2010


You will have to use your imagination on this post because it takes f..o..r..e..v..e.r to load pictures to Blogger.  I had chosen a couple of pictures from this morning, but after 20 minutes of watching the little circle thingie go round and round and round on the first picture, I gave up.

The first picture I wanted to show you was of Ernie standing on the dock, looking for fish in the water.  All around him were little helicopters flying and dive bombing.  It was unbelievable!  There were hundreds of dragonflies in what looked like attack mode.  I snapped a picture, not thinking those tiny little things would show up, but I must have caught at least a dozen in the picture.  I'll try another time to see if I can show you the air attack.

I also took a picture of the tent caterpillars inching their way up and around the tire on the trailer.  They were  climbing on the yellow wheel chock where they really showed up well, black against the bright yellow.  Those things creep me out.  I know they don't hurt you, don't bite, don't sting, but they feel creepy crawly on your skin.  And hey, they must poop, don't they?  Probably on my head or arm or back.  Yuk!  I despise those things, and there are quite a few of them around right now.  And Ernie took my "inside the trailer broom" and swept the entrance to the shower/bathrooms!  Now I suppose I'll find them inside, too!

And then I snapped a shot of the view we have while sitting under the awning on the trailer.  It's woods.  Heavy woods.  With thousands of birds darting to and fro, back and forth, up and down, in and out.  Red flashes, bright blue flashes, and lots of yellow flashes.  The sun was shining through the spring green leaves, making for a colorful sight, and causing me to glance heavenward and utter a prayer of thanks to God for this beautiful world he created for us.  And there is not much that is more beautiful than Minnesota in early summer!   

I hope you all have a safe holiday.  Please drive carefully!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


We have arrived at our month long job in the state park.  We have a nice site, and the park is a lush green with the trees and poison ivy in full leaf.  When we stopped the truck and I opened the door, I was immediately aware that this is a great park for birding!  The birds were singing at the top of their teeny, tiny lungs!  They were darting here and there, enjoying the bright sunshine and nice, warm temperatures.  And I saw a flash of bright blue....... an indigo bunting I'm sure.  I'm sure we will have a great time here.  I snapped a couple of photos this evening and will see if there is enough of a signal to send one.  I'm connected through my phone, which is actually showing me no bars!  Hope I can get it to work for me!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tomorrow morning at this time we hope to be on the road, heading to our month long "job" of living in a Minnesota State Park.  It's rough, I know.  We have to live in this quiet little park, miles from civilization, under the trees, with the wildlife, on a lake, in the middle of God's beautiful creation.  Hard work, but someone has to do it.

So, that means today we have to finish packing up.  But that means I have to do laundry before we can pack the clothes, right?  I have a lot of the food staples packed, but I need to do the fridge and freezer stuff.  I have to pick out the books I plan to read in June.  And the main thing, I have to pack my fabric!  The fabric for several purses I plan to make.  The fabric for a couple of table runners.  The 3/4 done quilt top and the fabric to finish that.  And several UFO's (UnFinished Objects) that I can hopefully complete.

On top of packing, there are a few other things that have to be done also.  Of utmost importance is the lunch date with two friends, Judy and Audrey.  I worked at the college with both of them.  Audrey is the receptionist, and Judy the dorm manager, but I call her the dorm mother because that's what she has been to hundreds of women over the past 19 school years.  Judy is retiring.  Audrey is still working.  (ha-ha!)  Then I have to give my sister, Lois, a ride to her haircut appointment this afternoon and maybe pick up a few groceries after she's done.

Then tonight is the college choir concert.  After graduation the choir goes on a 10 day choir tour and then gives what they call a Homecoming Concert when they return.  Eons ago, when I was a student at this college, I sang in the choir for four years.  We went on tour in the spring each year, and sang in such exotic spots as Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and South Dakota.  We thought we were big stuff!  In the more recent years this choir has gone a bit further.  Like to Europe.  And other boring places like that.  Poor kids.  It was on a choir tour that I ate at my first McDonald's, and saw Mt. Rushmore for the first time.  And these kids have only seen things like the famous cathedrals of Europe.  I feel bad for them.  Not.

And here is the most exciting news of all!  Yesterday my wonderful, talented, techie grandson-in-law, Katie's husband Clayton, did my computer set up so I can get online through my phone if we have a phone signal at the park.  So, unless I mess things up, I will be posting photos from our little trailer in the little woods in the little state park.  I can't wait!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


The new photo on my header is of the exact same road that the previous header photo was, only this one is now lush green in the May sunshine, whereas the other one was in April, right after the snow left us.  This is much prettier, don't you think?  We went out to the country, as opposed to our little town of 2000, last night and I took a few photos along the way. 
Another curvy, hilly road with the lush green growth of a Minnesota spring lining both sides.  I love this road!
A farmer's beautiful green pasture.
This is the grain elevator in the little town where my son and his family live.  Quaint, wouldn't you say?
A bright red barn surrounded by evergreens.
We returned home to the sun setting in the west.
As I walked back to the house, I looked up and shot this sight.  It looks like the moon has been cut right in half.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


 No, the title of potpourri doesn't mean you're going to smell this post, although it may, seriously, the number four meaning of potpourri is this:
4.  any mixture, esp. of unrelated objects, subjects, etc.
So be prepared.  This post is a bunch of unrelated stuff......

The first order of business is to wish my bloggy and IRL friend, Lisa, a happy 50th birthday!  Lisa hasn't posted very often recently, but I have talked to her, and she is okay.  She is dealing with a very ill dog, her wonderful Zoe, and that is weighing heavily on her.  Plus, she has a houseful of electricians and carpenters who are fashioning a brand new kitchen for her!  Hopefully she'll be putting her amazing photography skills to good use soon, and will post some photos of her new kitchen.  Hubby and I were privileged to stay with Scott and Lisa on our way back from Texas.  What fun to meet a blogging friend!

 I have something that probably very few of you have!  I have this box that is covered with Elvis photos!
Daughter Kari and her hubby Mike returned on Sunday from their quick trip to Alabama where Kari was the  speaker at a conference.  For fun on the return trip. they stopped at Graceland and after their tour, they purchased Elvis gifts for everyone.  Some got Elvis bobbleheads, Bean got an Elvis action figure (look out Barbies, uh?) and Latte got an Elvis and Marilyn puzzle.  What a fun, silly thing for them to do on their trip!
This is how I remember Elvis.  The young, innocent, country boy who loved his mama more than anything in the world.
I was quite the Elvis fan in my early teens, and now I have a box covered with his photos!  Kari suggested I use it for sewing stuff, scissors, seam rippers, marking pens, etc.  I think that's what I'll do.

Moving along to a totally unrelated subject, except for the sewing part, this is what I've been doing lately.
I made this table runner that I am completely embarrassed by!  Oh, the sewing is fine, but I tried my hand, with the help of my Big Brother, at machine quilting, and I discovered that I really need to practice!  The instructions say to just lower the feed dogs and position the piece to be quilted, lower the presser foot and take off, making graceful loops and jigs and jogs across the fabric.  Ya, sure.  Easier said than done!  I made only a few loops in the squares, and there is not a single decent loopy line.  I have more wiggles and bumps and mistakes than good parts.  Oh, well.  I am not ripping the quilting out.  It will remain as is and can be used as a comparison to later projects to see if I have learned anything!  Keep your fingers crossed that I do learn something!

And this is what I'm working on now.  I'm putting white borders on this quilt top, then a row of half squares, or rectangles of the quilt block fabrics, and then a row of narrow white binding on the edge.  I do love my new machine.  I'll just be glad when I can make it do what I know it can do.  It's me who can't do it!  Yet.
And, yes, Brenda.  I remember that I need to make the purse that you won in the blogiversary giveaway.  It's on the list.  And you remember that you will have to come to the park to pick it up, right?
The park.  That is my last piece of potpourri for today.  We are beginning to organize things to take along on our June job.  We are going to be campground hosts at this state park a couple of hours northwest of here.  We are really getting excited to get going.  Should be some great photo ops with the woods, trails, lakes and the rest of God's wonderful creation surrounding us.  Can't wait!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


This was a very difficult Sunday worship service for me this morning.  Why?  I don't know.  It was just so hard to keep my mind where it belonged, on the Pastor's words.  The sermon text was John 14:15-21, and it begins with the familiar words  " If you love me, keep my commandments."   Now, we have a very good Pastor, a good speaker, a wonderful kind man, and usually I sit eagerly awaiting his learned words.  But this morning, Satan was working overtime, at least on me.  It seemed that every word that Pastor said was echoed by Satan, and turned around, and twisted, and contorted.  And that nasty old devil took my mind down paths that had nothing to do with the sermon.  I found myself thinking of all the things I needed to remember to pack for our month long campground hosting adventure.  I thought about a child of mine who was being mysterious and the unknowns were worrying me.  I thought about daughter and son-in-law's return trip from Alabama, and prayed for their safe return.  Each time Satan introduced one of these thoughts to my mind, I would physically shake my head and attempt to return to the Pastor's words.  I would succeed for a moment or two, and then there he was again, leading me astray.

And once I was off the track, it was easy to be distracted by the beautiful baby, my grand nephew, snuggling in his grandmother's (my sister's) arms at the other end of my pew; and by the cute young teen girl with the fashionable white and brown dress a few rows in front of me; or by the mischievous little boy right in front of me who was delighting in putting his toy car down his brother's shirt.

As I left the sanctuary and headed to the Bible study, I silently cursed Satan for robbing me of the Word.  The Word that I wanted to hear.  The Word that is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.  The Words of eternal life.

And I am still bothered by Satan's total insistence this morning that I turn from the Word and follow him.  And I am disgusted that he was able to make my mind wander so easily. I need to work extra hard this week to keep him at bay.  Get thee behind me Satan! 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Yes, this was a very nice Saturday, weather wise, and company wise.  You see, my four siblings and the three spouses and hubby and I met in town for lunch.  Now, we don't get to do this often because my brother (my little brother as opposed to my Big Brother who lives in my sewing room) lives over two hours north, one sister is about an hour east, and another sister is almost that far south.  The baby sister and I live only about five miles apart.  So, after a delicious lunch in town, I had them all out here for coffee and dessert.  And I served 10 pound cheesecake.  Do you know 10 pound cheesecake?  The recipe is from the allrecipes site, and daughter Kari has made it several times.  Let me tell you about it.

It is made in a 9X13 cake pan with a simple graham cracker crust.  That's the healthy part!  The cheesecake like filling is 3 packages of cream cheese, 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk, and whipped cream, with a little lemon juice and vanilla thrown in for good measure.  You pour the mixture over the crust, refrigerate for awhile, and serve with fruit on the top.  I used fresh strawberries.  It is very good, very filling, and very fattening.  It's not as heavy as a regular cheesecake, but I'm sure it will make you heavier!  Probably by about 10 pounds!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I stopped at the grocery store this morning after Bible study.  All I bought was asparagus.  When I went through the checkout and paid for it, the cashier asked if I wanted a game card.  Sure, why not?  I'll take one.  Maybe I'll win something.  I was instructed to take the game card over to a scanner and run the bar code on the card through the scanner.  I did as I was told.  Then from the depths of the scanner came a booming voice informing me, and the whole store, that "sorry, this card is not a winner!"

I do not appreciate being told in front of all the shoppers that I am a loser.  Couldn't the voice be changed to a sweet whispering voice stating "sorry, try again!" or "sorry, not this time!" instead of the loud machine yelling what sounded to me like:  Na na nana na, you are a loser.  How insulting.  Hard on my self esteem. 

Friday, May 07, 2010


........someone I've known for a long time. In fact, I've known her for over thirty years!  She lives in Minnesota.  Let me tell you something about this person that will give her a hint that she won.  Back in the day, when we lived in North Dakota, this person and my daughter went out daughter's bedroom window onto the roof overhang  in back, down to the shed roof, and down to the patio. In the middle of the night.  And they thought I didn't know!   Let's see.  She has three daughters.  She lives close to the park where we will be campground hosting this summer so I can deliver her purse then.  And she blogs once or twice a year at this spot.  In fact, she is due to post any day now!  Congratulations Mom in MN!  I'll see what I can come up with!  And I expect you to come visit when we're hosting at the park.

Our quick road trip went fine.  We delivered the trailer to a beautiful spot in the Northern Wisconsin woods,  several miles from civilization.  Looks like a great spot to have a vacation home.  Then we got right back into the truck and headed south again.  We went as far as our son's home and stopped to spend the night with him and his wife and two boys.  We hardly saw Joe as he is on the golf team at his school, and they were playing at Hazeltine golf course.  We talked a bit when he got home late, and he was gone when we got up this morning.  But we did get to visit with Justin, and he had dinner with us before heading to do his homework.  They are two busy talented boys.

Just after we got on the road yesterday morning I had a call from daughter Kari telling us about this accident.  Fortunately, they are all okay, although stiff and sore.  The van didn't make out as well.  It is totaled.   The Lord was watching over them for sure.  Thank you Jesus.

The weatherman said a naughty word on the news tonight.  I hope they fire him!  He said the S word.  Yup, he said snow.  Don't want to hear it Mr. Weatherman!  Not in May!  I'll let you know in the morning if we have beautiful green grass or that nasty white stuff.  

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Wisconsin but will be back on Friday.  Our friends bought a new camper that they are going to park at a campground in northern Wisconsin.  We are going to pull it over for them with our truck.  The plan is to drive over and drop the camper at the campground, then come halfway back and stay the night at our son and daughter-in-law's home.  And we'll be back home on Friday and will keep my promise to draw a name for the purse giveaway.  See you then!

Monday, May 03, 2010


Do you know Ree? The Pioneer Woman?  Well, Ree and I have something in common.  She lives in Oklahoma on a ranch, I live in Minnesota in an apartment.  She is a writer, I have fun writing.  She is a photographer, I am a photographer wanna-be.  She has 4 punks, I have 7.  She's tall and slim, I'm tall and not slim.  She may get 35,000 comments on a giveaway day......I get a few less.   But what we have in common is this:  we both started our blogs the first part of May in 2006.  Doesn't that pretty much make us BFF's?  Ya, I thought so!

So, in honor of  my fourth blogiversary, I guess I should have a giveaway.  You have until Friday high noon to leave me a comment answering this question:  "If Marge was to make me a purse, I would want a (color) one."  And I'll put all names in a hat and have hubby draw one out.  The winner will receive a purse, like the one below, in the color of their choice. Made by me with lots of love.   Okay?
Ready?  Set?  Go!