Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I stopped at the grocery store this morning after Bible study.  All I bought was asparagus.  When I went through the checkout and paid for it, the cashier asked if I wanted a game card.  Sure, why not?  I'll take one.  Maybe I'll win something.  I was instructed to take the game card over to a scanner and run the bar code on the card through the scanner.  I did as I was told.  Then from the depths of the scanner came a booming voice informing me, and the whole store, that "sorry, this card is not a winner!"

I do not appreciate being told in front of all the shoppers that I am a loser.  Couldn't the voice be changed to a sweet whispering voice stating "sorry, try again!" or "sorry, not this time!" instead of the loud machine yelling what sounded to me like:  Na na nana na, you are a loser.  How insulting.  Hard on my self esteem. 


Lena . . . said...

Well, you're certainly not a loser in MY book.

Lisa said...

I so agree. Tell them you will boycott the store if they don't change it. And I bet they will just look at you and laugh. Still not good on the self esteem, but maybe, just maybe they "might" change it and then you would be a part of change! What a feeling THAT would be!