Sunday, August 31, 2014


I believe it was in the upper 30's when we got up this morning, and was just a bit over 40 when we left.  The fall chill is definitely in the air.  We spent the night in Tok, and had a rough night.  A circuit must have blown in our room, and Ernie's breathing machine didn't run.  Neither of us slept after 2 am, him because he didn't have his machine, me because he would drop off to sleep, snore, wake up, thrash around, and drop off and snore again, etc, etc, etc.  We are both tired and a bit short tonight.

 Over 200 hundred of the miles we drove today were frost heaves and construction.  This is definitely the worst stretch of road on the whole highway.
We stopped for gas at the Alaska/Yukon border station, and there he was.....Okay, ready?  All together now.  "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary, over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.........Quoth the raven,  "nevermore." "
Yes, the Yukon is larger than life.  It is a huge, sparsely populated, wild, beautiful province, and I love it!
Don''t love the construction, though.
It is a way of life up here, I guess!
There is color in the hills.
There is new snow on the top of the hills.
The flats were all yellow mixed in the green spruce.
And this was probably the most beautiful spot of the day.  Lake Kluane with the bright yellow, gold and orange along the shore.
Do you see the two bikers along the right side?  I think these were just day riders, but we have seen many riders who are obviously doing the whole highway.  They are loaded down with gear and are very slim and trim and are peddling up and down the hills like no body's business.
Another pretty spot of bright yellow in the midst of the green spruce.
And then comes the weird display in Haines Junction.  Animals of the Yukon are seemingly jumping out of a cone of cement.  This is the 10th time I've seen it, and I still fail to understand!
More frost heaves close to Whitehorse.  And rain.  And clouds.
And here I am, cooking supper in the alley behind the hotel.  Chicken and potatoes and carrots.  And I am pooped.  With no sleep last night, I think my hot shower in about 7 minutes is going to knock me out! 

Tomorrow is our longest mileage day....over 600 miles.  See you then!

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Next Saturday we need to be at our oldest grandson's wedding in Minnesota.  Aaron and Callie are being married at a camp, kind of between St. Cloud and Minneapolis, and we need to be there!  Actually, we need to be there the day before to make potato salad for the reception.  So, we are off!

And what a beautiful day to travel.  There were tears yesterday leaving Nils.  Then today leaving Anchorage it kind of cements it....we're on our way out of here.  We stayed at the AFB last night, and were out of there bright and early this morning as we wanted to stop at Ernie's youngest brother and wife's place about a half hour out of Anchorage on the road we needed to go on anyhow.

The secnery heading up the mountain to their place was awesome!
Stopped by this pretty little stream that was tumbling down the mountainside.
 Finally arrived at Gary and Joy's place.
 What a beautiful place it is!
 With views like this outside their windows!
And then we said goodbye to them and headed north and east, up the Glenn and Richardson Highways towards the Alaska Highway which we would pick up at Tok, our destination for the night.
The views heading this direction are nothing short of awesome!
 Around every corner and over every hill there is another beautiful scene.
 The colors sure have changed in the two weeks since we came the other direction on this highway!  Fall is here!
Love the change of seasons...
And the first snows on the tops of the peaks.
Beauty everywhere you look.
And we are now at Tok on the first night on our trip back home.  We pray for good weather, and safe travel, and look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding in a week!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Late yesterday afternoon we had to say goodbye to the grandprince and drive back on to the AMHS ferry and head back to Homer, and then start the trip home.  Oh, I hated to leave this little guy!  He is a treasure for sure.  I hope the kids will be able to come to Minnesota before too long so we can see him again before he forgets us!  We will remember this past week and a half for a long time.  And I do have a few pictures!
 Bye Nils!  I love you dearly!
Bye Chris and Amy, too.  Thanks for letting us hang out with Nils everyday.  Love you too!
 We pulled out of the harbor in the rain..
And it was raining when we got to Homer.....I think these houses on the Spit look like birdhouses.
 This morning we left Kenai in the rain.
It was cloudy and rainy, and then the sun would come out and wed have blue skies.
 The foliage is such a lush green.
Look at those lovely green hills.
 And more rain and clouds.
And sun and blue sky.
Then very dark gloomy looking clouds.
Then sunshine and blue skies.
 Then we saw a bit of color appearing.
And it turned into a beautiful rainbow right over Girdwood Valley where Chris and Amy used to live!
Soon we were almost to Anchorage, and we had lovely blue skies again.  We were able to get a few groceries for the trip back, I washed 3 loads of clothes, and made supper and cleaned up dishes.  I am now officially done for the day and I am going to shower and go to bed early.  Travel day tomorrow, you know!

Good night!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Warning before you even start.....heavy photo overload!  (If I can get them to post!)

We decided today would be a good day for a beach picnic.
We are heading out of the harbor.
Stella, too!
And no, I am not happy to be stuffed into this wind suit and a life preserver!
 That is Mt. Iliamna way across Cook inlet.
And here is a big ole sea otter playing out in the kelp beds.
 We're almost there, Nils!
 Starting a fire on the beach.
 Log seating provided by the sea!
 The baked potatoes and burgers are cooking and
 Nils is napping.
It was a good meal!
Almost back home after a fun afternoon.  It was a very pleasant, peaceful, relaxing picnic.  Thank you Chris and Amy for taking us on this adventure today!