Friday, August 29, 2014


Late yesterday afternoon we had to say goodbye to the grandprince and drive back on to the AMHS ferry and head back to Homer, and then start the trip home.  Oh, I hated to leave this little guy!  He is a treasure for sure.  I hope the kids will be able to come to Minnesota before too long so we can see him again before he forgets us!  We will remember this past week and a half for a long time.  And I do have a few pictures!
 Bye Nils!  I love you dearly!
Bye Chris and Amy, too.  Thanks for letting us hang out with Nils everyday.  Love you too!
 We pulled out of the harbor in the rain..
And it was raining when we got to Homer.....I think these houses on the Spit look like birdhouses.
 This morning we left Kenai in the rain.
It was cloudy and rainy, and then the sun would come out and wed have blue skies.
 The foliage is such a lush green.
Look at those lovely green hills.
 And more rain and clouds.
And sun and blue sky.
Then very dark gloomy looking clouds.
Then sunshine and blue skies.
 Then we saw a bit of color appearing.
And it turned into a beautiful rainbow right over Girdwood Valley where Chris and Amy used to live!
Soon we were almost to Anchorage, and we had lovely blue skies again.  We were able to get a few groceries for the trip back, I washed 3 loads of clothes, and made supper and cleaned up dishes.  I am now officially done for the day and I am going to shower and go to bed early.  Travel day tomorrow, you know!

Good night!


Lisa said...

I lost my first comment......
Marge I bet it was so hard to leave that precious little guy. I had tears in my eyes reading this knowing it had to be sad. And it seems the heavens were sad for you leaving too. But how wonderful to spend time with that handsome fellow. And the scenery was pretty easy on the eye. I just find your pics so peaceful. Travel safely.

Paxie said...

Speechless because of the last photo. Wow. Love all the shots.

I'm sad like Lisa...I so wouldn't want to leave either. He is so adorable.

Ya'll stay safe, hon.