Friday, August 15, 2014


It wasn't even 7 when Ernie decided to head out this morning.  We stopped at a grocery store and it wasn't even open yet!  But the Starbucks was and the Americano was delish.
Today we saw some of this
and some of that.
Lots of that.
But quite a bit of this, too.
 Actually quite a bit of this
and this.
 But then more of that.
And that.
 But wasn't this beautiful?
And this?
 And this?
 And we saw more ugly that.
And that.
 Plenty of miles of that.

But in the end it was totally worth it because about 3:30 this afternoon we saw this!!!
We are in Tok, Alaska for the night.  Tomorrow is Anchorage for a night, then down towards Homer.  Getting closer Nils!  Get ready for grandma's hugs and kisses!


Celiac Sister said...

God has blessed you on your travels! Such beauty is such a gift. Enjoy!

theMom said...

Stunning lighting in your photos! And enjoy Tok. :-)

Paxie said...

WOW. It's beautiful! Except for the road work hahaha. Not flat anymore! Oh my...
Celiac Sister said it best!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

beautiful pictures! blessings, marlene

Lisa said...

I do love the country side pictures, but glad to see someone else is doing all the road construction besides TULSA, OK!!! I swear every one of our main highways are being worked on....AT THE SAME TIME! Safe travels.