Monday, August 18, 2014


Spied this sign today out on the Spit...thought it clever!

 And it's always fun to see this place!
 The famous Kenai River
 with a salmon rolling.
And our final destination is across Ketchemak Bay...tomorrow we see the grandkiddo!!!
So exited!


Paxie said...

I know I'd love Homer!
Such a beautiful place and funny hahaha place. Like the old buildings :)
Stunning photos hon!
Have a wonderful time today!!

Paxie said...

I just Google mapped it to Homer.

From Clemmons, NC to Homer:

81 hours
4,516 miles

Like going with you better!! LOL

Jeanne said...

So glad your sharing your beautiful pictures here! I was looking at a map to see what you're close to. You're not close to anything! ha
Have fun with that baby!

Lisa said...

I love it too that you are sharing the pics. I just so enjoy the scenery. But I am still so anxiously awaiting pics of that grand new baby...Is he a Prince? Not sure what his title is?