Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Warning before you even start.....heavy photo overload!  (If I can get them to post!)

We decided today would be a good day for a beach picnic.
We are heading out of the harbor.
Stella, too!
And no, I am not happy to be stuffed into this wind suit and a life preserver!
 That is Mt. Iliamna way across Cook inlet.
And here is a big ole sea otter playing out in the kelp beds.
 We're almost there, Nils!
 Starting a fire on the beach.
 Log seating provided by the sea!
 The baked potatoes and burgers are cooking and
 Nils is napping.
It was a good meal!
Almost back home after a fun afternoon.  It was a very pleasant, peaceful, relaxing picnic.  Thank you Chris and Amy for taking us on this adventure today!


Paxie said...

And thank you for taking me on the picnic today! Could almost smell that burger LOL
So happy you are having a wonderful time, Marge ♥

Jeanne said...

Looks like a great adventure! What beautiful scenery and that little Stella looks like a sweetheart!

Lisa said...

I just saw this posting, so I'm a bit late (sorry). But I found it funny that Nils is in long pants, windbreaker and then barefooted! I love how the life seems so much more peaceful and calm there, compared to mine and I'm RETIRED. Again I can't thank you enough for sharing the pictures.