Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It wasn't long after we got on the road this morning that the scenery began to change.  The wheat and canola fields soon gave way to the beautiful green forests, but we did sit at a construction hold up for a few minutes which gave me a chance to take a picture of one last farm scene.  The the excitement builds as we leave Alberta and cross into British Columbia and approach milemarker 0 in Dawson Creek, the beginning of the famous Alaska Highway, over 1700 miles from home.
We stopped for lunch in the parking lot and the obligatory photo under the sign.

Way up here the radio stations are practically nonexistent, so for entertainment along the way we are listening to CD's.  So far we have been serenaded by Greg Brown, Jerry Garcia, Iris DeMent, Gilllian Welch,  Peter Ostroushko, John, Paul, George and Ringo, and Marty Robbins.  Oh, and our very own Divers!
 Soon we entered the hills....the big hills....the Northern Rocky mountains.
 Some stretches, especially where we were slowed by construction, had very heavy traffic, and many, many big trucks hauling pipes, oil, gas, machinery, and even a house!
 The greens are so green!  Except where the spruce beetle has killed the spruce trees.  Then they are a rusty brown.  Do you see those mountains coming up in the distance?  Excuse the buggy shots through the windshield.  We didn't stop for such minor things as photos!
 And this one is for grandson Ben!  We found him!  We found Bigfoot!  This spot was called Sasquatch Crossing.
 The fireweed is lining the highway on both sides....

making for a very pretty drive.  However, it looks like the fireweed is pretty well spent, which means winter is coming soon!

We are in Fort Nelson where it was 81 when we arrived at 4:30 this afternoon.  The car thermometer hit 84 at one point this afternoon.  It was a long day and I am ready for the shower and then bed, only to get up early and go even further tomorrow, hopefully landing in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory tomorrow night.  We have some beautiful scenery to go through tomorrow.

Good night and God bless.


Jeanne said...
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Lisa said...

Do you have to have a passport to travel through Canada? It seems like it is taking FOREVER to get there or am I just being impatient? sorry....AND how long will you all be staying? I am so impressed you do not kill each other being in the car that long TOGETHER!!! AND do you ever listen to audio books? just chatty today aren't I? I have some time for Jackson is in school so I can sit and catch up on your blogging. AND I am LOVING IT!!!!