Monday, August 11, 2014


Greetings from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.  We arrived at our destination after 619 miles.  It was another good day of travel.  Sunshine the whole day, good roads, minimal traffic, and good scenery.

We entered Canada at about 12:45, and then pulled off the side of the highway to make a sandwich for lunch.
 There were many farms that were growing more of these oil wells than they were of crops.
This is a fracking operation.
The pretty yellow fields are canola.  The sky was a pretty blue, the clouds white, and with the yellow flowers it made a pretty scene.  Pay no attention to the glare from the shot through the windshield.
This is one of the beautiful sunflower fields of North Dakota.  I wanted to stop and get closer, but you know how it goes.....miles to go before we stop!

Looking back at the day, I think we drove through a loaf of multi grain/seed bread! We saw beautiful fields of wheat, barley, flax, soy beans, canola and sunflowers!  And maybe others that we didn't recognize!  We also passed by the first organic research farm in Canada!  I found that research!  Go Canada!

And now it's shower time and early to bed after a supper of tomato soup and pretzels.  Num num.


Norskeneil said...

Enjoy Canada! Safe travels!

Lisa said...

Well the scenery is certainly beautiful. But can't wait to see THAT BABY!!!! Safe travels.

Paxie said...

Sunflowers are gorgeous!!!

I can't get over the flatness :)