Thursday, August 21, 2014


We are in Seldovia, but have no phone nor internet signal at our lodging, so we have to come up to the Sea Otter community Center to use their internet signal.  And yesterday I did get a temporary phone signal when we were up at our son's place....he is almost within sight of Homer, so the signal comes through a little bit. 

Let's see.  What pictures should I post.  I have plenty!
 Leaving Homer, heading to Seldovia.
 The city dock in Seldovia.
 The harbor in the evening.
Beautiful, still water and perfect mirror reflection.
Two houses on the old historic boardwalk.
We saw many beautiful flowers on our walk about town yesterday morning.
A pretty sight on the boardwalk.
A coffee shop and houses along the slough.
These folks are friends of our kids.
Ernie said he'd buy me this place.


Mary Lillo said...

Pretty !

Paxie said...

Such a beautiful and peaceful place!

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

It looks beautiful there, well except for the house hubby is buying you.

Jeanne said...

Love all the bright colors. My favorite picture is the perfectly still water with reflections. WOW! Looks like nice weather. Hope it stays pretty for y'all.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful place. Hubby has been there. Loved seeing the Salty Dawg Saloon. Glad you are blogging again. I missed you.