Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Wisconsin but will be back on Friday.  Our friends bought a new camper that they are going to park at a campground in northern Wisconsin.  We are going to pull it over for them with our truck.  The plan is to drive over and drop the camper at the campground, then come halfway back and stay the night at our son and daughter-in-law's home.  And we'll be back home on Friday and will keep my promise to draw a name for the purse giveaway.  See you then!


Nezzy said...

Well girl you have yourself a grand time with your friends and family.

From the bloomin' Ozark hills and hollers ya'll have a fantastically blessed day!!!

Lisa said...

Be safe. I am still holding on here with no news as of right now. Zoe has two masses, but we will get the pathology report later today. Good days and bad, so with some answers we will know how to go forward from here. Even if she is my four legged girl, I still love her very very much. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.