Friday, May 28, 2010


You will have to use your imagination on this post because it takes f..o..r..e..v..e.r to load pictures to Blogger.  I had chosen a couple of pictures from this morning, but after 20 minutes of watching the little circle thingie go round and round and round on the first picture, I gave up.

The first picture I wanted to show you was of Ernie standing on the dock, looking for fish in the water.  All around him were little helicopters flying and dive bombing.  It was unbelievable!  There were hundreds of dragonflies in what looked like attack mode.  I snapped a picture, not thinking those tiny little things would show up, but I must have caught at least a dozen in the picture.  I'll try another time to see if I can show you the air attack.

I also took a picture of the tent caterpillars inching their way up and around the tire on the trailer.  They were  climbing on the yellow wheel chock where they really showed up well, black against the bright yellow.  Those things creep me out.  I know they don't hurt you, don't bite, don't sting, but they feel creepy crawly on your skin.  And hey, they must poop, don't they?  Probably on my head or arm or back.  Yuk!  I despise those things, and there are quite a few of them around right now.  And Ernie took my "inside the trailer broom" and swept the entrance to the shower/bathrooms!  Now I suppose I'll find them inside, too!

And then I snapped a shot of the view we have while sitting under the awning on the trailer.  It's woods.  Heavy woods.  With thousands of birds darting to and fro, back and forth, up and down, in and out.  Red flashes, bright blue flashes, and lots of yellow flashes.  The sun was shining through the spring green leaves, making for a colorful sight, and causing me to glance heavenward and utter a prayer of thanks to God for this beautiful world he created for us.  And there is not much that is more beautiful than Minnesota in early summer!   

I hope you all have a safe holiday.  Please drive carefully!

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Lisa said...

Well I will have to trust you on the beauty of your world up there in Minnesota. sorry about the worm mess,hopefully it will not last forever.