Monday, May 03, 2010


Do you know Ree? The Pioneer Woman?  Well, Ree and I have something in common.  She lives in Oklahoma on a ranch, I live in Minnesota in an apartment.  She is a writer, I have fun writing.  She is a photographer, I am a photographer wanna-be.  She has 4 punks, I have 7.  She's tall and slim, I'm tall and not slim.  She may get 35,000 comments on a giveaway day......I get a few less.   But what we have in common is this:  we both started our blogs the first part of May in 2006.  Doesn't that pretty much make us BFF's?  Ya, I thought so!

So, in honor of  my fourth blogiversary, I guess I should have a giveaway.  You have until Friday high noon to leave me a comment answering this question:  "If Marge was to make me a purse, I would want a (color) one."  And I'll put all names in a hat and have hubby draw one out.  The winner will receive a purse, like the one below, in the color of their choice. Made by me with lots of love.   Okay?
Ready?  Set?  Go!


FosterAbba said...

If Marge was to make me a purse, I would want a rainbow-colored one.

But really, don't pick me. Give it to some more-deserving person who actually carries a purse! :)

Robbin with 2 B's! said...

I won't be greedy and win one for myself since I have a beautiful Green Marge Original Tote that I LOVE LOVE LOVE but If Marge were to make my dear DIL Amy one, she'd want........just about any color Marge chose to make.

Norskeneil said...

I would like one with trout fishing design. Maybe in the shape of a fish with an opening for storing the fish like a creel I guess. Sure hope I win cause I'm coming back to Minnesota to catch some fish soon!

AprilinRI said...

If Marge were to make ME a purse, it would be an orange one. But I agree with FosterAbba, someone else deserves to win much more than I do! (I just wanted to join in because I like to read your blog and it's your blogiversary!) If you pull my name out of a hat, please give your beautiful bag to a Mom who could really use to have their spirits lifted with a lovely gift.

Gail said...'s like this. When you go to a bazaar you look at stuff and think.....gee.....I could make that. But you NEVER do!! I have fabric to make a thousand purses!! haha And I never will....I even have patterns!! So, maybe some day you will make me a purse and I'll trade you for some doll clothes.....or something! I love all of your purses. I couldn't even pick! You could pick for me?!! Please put my name in the hat and I'll really give Ernie crap if he doesn't pick my name!! Just a warning!haha...... love you

Lena . . . said...

I'm not nearly as generous as everyone else who's signed up here. I want the Marge original for myself!! And ANY color will work for me as I LOVE bright eye-catching purses for the summer. And you are SO right - you and Ree are so much alike it's uncanny. I'm jealous (snicker). Love Lena

Joyce said...

Congrats on 4 years of blogging. I found your blog through Kari's site. I love your purses and photographs and hearing about your travels. I have admired all your purses and would love you in any spring color - yellow, orange, green, pink. I'm not picky - they are all gorgeous. Pick me !!!

Marge said...

My friend, Audrey, who apparently doesn't know how to comment on her own, (ha-ha friend!), sent me an email requesting a pink purse. So I am entering her name for her.

And I discovered another way that P-Dub and I are alike! She gives away Kitchen Aid mixers and DSLR cameras and Lowe's gift cards...... and I give away a home made purse. Just about the same, uh?

Mom in MN said...

Happy Blogiversary!
If you were to make me a purse, I would choose Browns. Or Red. Or purple. But I trust your judgement - all the purses I've seen that you've made are great!

Linda up north said...

Happy blogger anniversary :)
I do not carry a purse, but recently with all my new additions I find I need a few pull ups etc all.the.time! And plus I LOVE your bags!
If I were to be picked out of the hat, I would go for blues and purples :)

Anonymous said...

I also must not be very generous, as I'd love to have my name drawn for one of Marge's creations.

If Marge was to make me a purse, I would want a chocolate and mocha colored one. Anything that reminds me of a Starbucks drink...with none of the calories!

If Marge were to make me a purse, I would say she is one very generous lady with a keen sense of humor. I've enjoyed "getting to know" you and your family through your blog and Kari's. And thanks for taking me along on some of your wonderful trips, via your wonderful photos.

None of this is intended as empty flattery to bribe the seamstress, as it's by chance someone will be the recipient of your excellent handiwork.

Nancy in Iowa

Anonymous said...

I would want a "Marge" purse, the color wouldn't matter. Something that shows your personality :)

Marge said...

My sister Lois, and my aunt Elaine both requested their names be added too.