Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tomorrow morning at this time we hope to be on the road, heading to our month long "job" of living in a Minnesota State Park.  It's rough, I know.  We have to live in this quiet little park, miles from civilization, under the trees, with the wildlife, on a lake, in the middle of God's beautiful creation.  Hard work, but someone has to do it.

So, that means today we have to finish packing up.  But that means I have to do laundry before we can pack the clothes, right?  I have a lot of the food staples packed, but I need to do the fridge and freezer stuff.  I have to pick out the books I plan to read in June.  And the main thing, I have to pack my fabric!  The fabric for several purses I plan to make.  The fabric for a couple of table runners.  The 3/4 done quilt top and the fabric to finish that.  And several UFO's (UnFinished Objects) that I can hopefully complete.

On top of packing, there are a few other things that have to be done also.  Of utmost importance is the lunch date with two friends, Judy and Audrey.  I worked at the college with both of them.  Audrey is the receptionist, and Judy the dorm manager, but I call her the dorm mother because that's what she has been to hundreds of women over the past 19 school years.  Judy is retiring.  Audrey is still working.  (ha-ha!)  Then I have to give my sister, Lois, a ride to her haircut appointment this afternoon and maybe pick up a few groceries after she's done.

Then tonight is the college choir concert.  After graduation the choir goes on a 10 day choir tour and then gives what they call a Homecoming Concert when they return.  Eons ago, when I was a student at this college, I sang in the choir for four years.  We went on tour in the spring each year, and sang in such exotic spots as Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska and South Dakota.  We thought we were big stuff!  In the more recent years this choir has gone a bit further.  Like to Europe.  And other boring places like that.  Poor kids.  It was on a choir tour that I ate at my first McDonald's, and saw Mt. Rushmore for the first time.  And these kids have only seen things like the famous cathedrals of Europe.  I feel bad for them.  Not.

And here is the most exciting news of all!  Yesterday my wonderful, talented, techie grandson-in-law, Katie's husband Clayton, did my computer set up so I can get online through my phone if we have a phone signal at the park.  So, unless I mess things up, I will be posting photos from our little trailer in the little woods in the little state park.  I can't wait!


Mom in MN said...

Unless things have changed since I was at that park a few years ago, there won't be much signal. Unless of course, you climb the highest tree on the highest hill and hold your laptop in one hand and a long metal rod in the other. That just might work. Wear a safety belt, though, please!

Otherwise, you can head south a few miles to my house and access my wireless network anytime. No climbing required!

Mom in MN said...
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Mom in MN said...

But the scenery at the park is beautiful! :-)

Lena . . . said...

How exciting. I'm sure you'll meet tons of wonderful people. Hope to hear from you during your stay.

Lisa said...

man you are sure blessed to have a talented techie in your family. I don't think I could be away for a month and not have computer service. Isn't life funny now. Oh I don't know Marge,if I were in your little slice of heaven, I might be able to live without the computer!!!! Enjoy your sewing projects. I am sooo jealous!