Saturday, May 22, 2010


The new photo on my header is of the exact same road that the previous header photo was, only this one is now lush green in the May sunshine, whereas the other one was in April, right after the snow left us.  This is much prettier, don't you think?  We went out to the country, as opposed to our little town of 2000, last night and I took a few photos along the way. 
Another curvy, hilly road with the lush green growth of a Minnesota spring lining both sides.  I love this road!
A farmer's beautiful green pasture.
This is the grain elevator in the little town where my son and his family live.  Quaint, wouldn't you say?
A bright red barn surrounded by evergreens.
We returned home to the sun setting in the west.
As I walked back to the house, I looked up and shot this sight.  It looks like the moon has been cut right in half.


Lena . . . said...

Minnesota does have its moments. Great pictures.

Russell said...

Love the grain elevator! Looks like it is in Good Thunder - is that right?? I have never seen anything quite like that before - it is great!

Yes - the roads and country do look much better now than back in April. No question.

Take care.

Lisa said...

wow, what a day you had...I love all the pictures you took, the moon is beautiful. Miss you.