Sunday, February 28, 2010


Nestled in the oak trees, on top of a small hill in Eastern Oklahoma, stands a cozy, comfy B&B that we had the privilege of staying at on Thursday night.  Oh, I guess it's not really a B&B, but it could be.  It is the home of my bloggy friend, Lisa , and her husband Scott.  On our trip home from Texas this past week, we made plans to meet Lisa and Scott for dinner on Thursday night.  We emailed and talked on the phone, and were in the midst of planning, when Lisa wrote me an email asking us to consider staying with them at their home!  What a generous offer to make to someone she'd never met!

Well, we took them up on their offer, and are so glad we did.  We found their place with no trouble at all and were met at the door by Lisa and Scott, and Callie, Rudy, and mama Zoey, the three dogs.  Boxers.  As cute as can be!  We immediately sat down and began talking.  Lisa and I had no problem finding subjects to talk about, and we barely paused to take a breath!  Ernie and Scott hit it off famously, and soon were also chatting away like old friends.  After awhile we were served dinner, nummy homemade tacos with some to die for peach sherbet for dessert, and after dinner we resumed talking, getting to know each other better.

Then we found that they had given up their bedroom for us!  Lisa didn't want to dogs to bother us, so she slept in the living room with them to keep them away from the bedroom!  We had the king sized bed with the beautiful quilted bedspread and fluffy pillows, and our own private bathroom.  And on the nightstand was a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers, just like at a 5 star B&B.  Breakfast in the morning was bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice and coffee, while the deer in the back yard were munching on the corn Scott feeds them.  By now the dogs had figured out that we were harmless, and they barely noticed when we went in and out.

All too soon we had to get on the road so we packed up the truck and carefully backed down the hill on their narrow driveway.  I was sad to say good-bye to our new friends, but I know we will get together again.  We have found ourselves some good friends there in Oklahoma, and I know we'll make sure we get to visit again.  Meantime, blogs, emails and phone calls will have to do. 

Dear Lisa and Scott:  Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality.  I may sound like I'm  recommending your B&B, but I'll not give anyone directions to it because we found you first and we're not sharing!  We enjoyed our time with you so much and hope we can get together again soon. 

So folks, keep on blogging.  You may find lifetime friends, like we did!


Lisa said...

Oh Marge, I am so glad AND honored you took the time to come here. Scott and I both feel we have known you two forever and never for one second hesitated on the invite to share our home. The only regret I have is that time did not stand still so we could visit more. Hug more. Share more. Grow closer...more. I am truly blessed to have you in my life and to be a woman of God to influence me, to pray for me, and guide me down the path that you have already traveled. Thanks for becoming my friend. And thank you for the very kind words AND the beautiful purse made from your hands with love!

Marge said...

You are welcome for the words and the purse......It's pretty easy to be friends with people like you and Scott! You are loved!

Russell said...

Hope you have (or had) a safe trip home. You are probably home by now!!

We are finally starting to lose a bit of snow. The TV guy said we will lose about 2 inches a day this week. In fact, it might get all the way up to 40 this weekend.

We had the coldest February in Iowa history last month. Only one day got over 35. I don't recall that day but it might be right! I do recall lots of bitterly cold, windy, icy days!

I like the idea of your taking some of the lesser traveled roads home -- though my guess is you probably did see a lot of interstate, too!

Take care.