Sunday, February 14, 2010


Last week (late because of a lousy signal, remember?) we went to the San Antonio Rodeo.  The cheap tickets for $25 were in the nosebleed section, of course, so the following photos are not the best!   
The opening ceremony where the houses and riders and flags parade in was beautiful.  The next photo is painful.  It looks like a rag doll doesn't it?  Nope, real live human being.  A very bruised human being. 
 It was fun to watch the roping. 
And this guy was just plain stupid, don't you think?
Beautiful teamwork.
Setting up the stage for the main show.
And here he is, Tim McGraw!
Thank goodness for the huge screens in the center of the arena or we wouldn't have seen a thing.  Like I said, the cheap tickets were in the nosebleed section!
It was a good concert......He was sporting excess facial hair because of the new movie he is in.  Fun day!

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Linda B said...

Hey it looks like you were right up there with him in some of those photos!