Thursday, February 18, 2010


Yesterday we took a boat ride down the San Antonio River along the Riverwalk.  We just sat back and relaxed and enjoyed.  So that's what I want you to do........sit back and enjoy.
Oh, I have to break the silence here.  These two people are some of the dearest folks we know.  Glenn and Carole are from Maryland.  This is the third time we have spent part of the winter with them and we enjoy spending time with them so much!  And Carole and I win at cards, too!
There!  Wasn't that fun? 


Russell said...

Goodness.... that is NICE!

I really enjoyed these few moments in Texas and seeing such a beautiful city. I can actually hear the water!

Up here in Iowa we are bracing for ANOTHER snow storm. We were told that central Iowa might not get as much snow as predicted and we were all happy! Heh! Tells you something, doesn't it?

Enjoy Texas and keep posting pictures!

Lisa said...

how BEAUTIFUL....I have never been there and I have always wanted to. Have very good friends who live there and just have not made the trip. I must get it on my list of places to visit. thanks for sharing....and I can't wait till we get to visit.

Linda up north said...

Wonderful pictures! I will be coming down to San Antonio next month to meet my new children! What do you recommend I see while I am there (The Alamo is for sure on our list!)

Marge said...


My favorite sights were the Alamo, the Missions south of the Alamo (4 in about 15 miles) and the Riverwalk. I think it's important to see the IMAX film across the street from the Alamo, before you tour the Alamo. Brings it all to life for you.

I wish you safe travels to meet your newest family members! And I can't wait to see photos of them and hear all about them when you bring them home. They should know what cold and snow are all about after this winter down here!