Tuesday, February 02, 2010


We left Corpus Christi on Sunday morning.  Saturday night we were treated to this lovely sunset as a going away gift.

And when we arrived here on Sunday afternoon, we were welcomed by this beautiful cardinal.  Later on, when the sun was shining and he ventured out into the beautiful light, I realized he was the most vibrant colored cardinal I had ever seen.  I hope I'll be able to get more photos of him in days to come.  That is if the sun ever shines.  This is our third day here and so far the 10 minutes of sun on Sunday was it.
But hallelujah!  The wind isn't blowing!  It's cool (coolest daily temps in 20 years) and gray and foggy, but THERE IS NO WIND!  YAY!

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Lisa said...

Do you know yet when you are headed back this way? I sure miss you blogging every day. Call me when you know what your schedule is ok? I might (hopefully will) be going to Tyler Texas this weekend to watch the super bowl with TJ !!!!