Saturday, January 30, 2010


We bought a month's worth of internet connection one month ago today.  Our time runs out in about 30 minutes.  I had photos from my walk today to post, but the connection is so weak that it's won't load photos.  15 minutes for I'll just forget it for today and bid you farewell until we get to San Antonio.  We'll take off in the morning and it's only three hours away so we should be there by noon.   The campground lists wifi...... hope it's better than this one!


Lisa said...

Ok, I will be waiting to hear what you have to say about your return trip home.

Marge said...

Lisa, the plan is for a month here in San Antonio. We just got to the campsite, so I don't have any comments on the place yet! Looks like the washers and dryers at least work at this place! We did a BBQ for a late lunch, early supper. It was nummy!