Sunday, January 10, 2010


We had a rocking rolling ocean, well okay, a rocking rolling bay on Friday when the wind was horrendous. As you can see below, the waves were hitting the sea wall and spraying way into the air.  If you look closely, you can see the breakwater in the background where the waves are creating huge sprays there, too.
Yesterday I walked the shore a bit, and found a lot of jellyfish stranded in the shallow waters.

And after experiencing the wind and seeing the huge waves, I can see why all the shells are broken along the shoreline..
What a long beak you have, my dear.
Thought I'd give you a little tour of the campground.  The building contains two restrooms and showers, and the campground laundry room.
The next two photos are of the scene we see looking out the side window of the RV.
The view of downtown Corpus Christi is almost directly out the back end of the RV.  This is several miles from us.
 And this is the wooded area of the campground!  Not quite like the forests we camp in back home in Minnesota.  These palms don't furnish much shade, but then, we certainly haven't needed shade in our first week down here!


Jacob Family said...

Thanks for sharing your sunny experiences! I enjoy reading about your endeavors. Thanks for sharing!

Rick and LuAnn said...

I've never seen a jellyfish. Even the broken shells and palm tree's look so inviting!

Marge said...

Hey Jennifer! Thanks for reading my attempt at keeping friends and family informed of our whereabouts and activities.

Likewise, I enjoy checking your blog and seeing how your boys grow and change so quickly. They sure don't stay little very long, do they!

Hope you're keeping warm back home.


Marge said...

LuAnn, I would love to pick up one of those jellyfish and squeeze it! They look so much like a blog of clear jello.....would be fun to play with them. But I don't know where the poison is or if they're still able to sting, so I won't take the chance.

Hope you are keeping warm!


linda said...

it looks freezing to me, much like our pacific without the rocks, so maybe not quite ;)

fun to travel as long as those pipes don't burst--the weather is just awful right now.

marge, i can't tell you enough how sweet your comments are and how they touch me...i so appreciate your stopping by!

Linda B said...

What beautiful views you have! I can see how the wind is so windy with you!

Lisa said...

Man, I would like to buy a trailer and come down there with you all. It still looks warmer than it has been here. and the next couple days are going to be near 50 or so!!!! whoo Hooo.
It does not look too busy there right now either so that is good. The water is sure blue and pretty. Ok, I am jealous! Keep having fun. Are you sewing? Reading? Call me if you get bored!

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