Friday, January 01, 2010


We went for a short walk along the shore in front of our trailer, and we met some new friends.  This is Herman.

I call this one Fred.
These are Fred's cousins.
I call these two Pat and Mike.
This is George.
And these are some pretty slimy moss covered rocks.
And our friends from Haggarstown, Maryland arrived just after noon.  We are having them over for dinner tonight so we can catch up.  We haven't seen them since we met in Florida at this time last year.


Lisa said...

I LOVE all your new friends. We will have to get to know them better. Take care of that will you?

Joni said...

Well just be careful where you step. Happy New Year my travelin' blog buddy who always makes me smile. Without you, I'd never get a vacation!

Marge said...

Aren't they cute? This area is on the bird flyway or whatever it's called, and they say we can see hundreds of kinds of birds. We'll try to meet them all! And I'd be happy to introduce them to you.... come on down!!!!


Marge said...

We had our friends over for dinner last night, and we started making plans for things we want to see in the area. I think you'll enjoy some of the spots we decided to investigate. You know, of course, that most of the things we do are the free ones. Don't do a lot of admission places, but I think we'll have fun! Glad you're traveling with us!