Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday we visited the King Ranch in South Texas.  This ranch is one of the largest in the world, sprawling over 825,000 acres at the present time.  Captain Richard King founded the ranch in 1853, and today the ranch is recognized as the birthplace of the American ranching industry.

The King Ranch also produced the first registered American quarter horses, and claims the only Triple Crown winner to come out of Texas.  That horse was Assault.
At the present time there are 300 quarter horses on the ranch.
The King Ranch developed the Santa Gertrudis breed of cattle.  I am not a cattle expert by any means, but I think these cattle are beautiful!  Look at the rich cherry red color!  I think they are absolutely lovely!  And there are 60,000 of them on the ranch.
We met a real honest to goodness cowboy, LoLo.  He is in his 80's, plays a mean harmonica, and still ropes cattle.  He just celebrated his first anniversary with his new wife!
And now I'm going to complain about these longhorn cattle.  Look at them, posing with their heads down in the grass!  I'm trying to take their picture and they are not cooperating!
 I don't get it.  Everytime Pioneer Woman takes pictures of cattle, they look right at her.  Straight, head on shots.  No, not these cattle......they keep their heads down in the grass.
 How can I ever complete with P-Dub's cattle photos if these guys won't look up for me!  Oh, you say I'll never be able to compete with her photos?  Well, yes, I know that.  But these cattle just made me feel a little bit like her.  Well, except that we were riding in a bus, not in the truck with Marlboro Man.  And we were just visiting this ranch, we don't own it and live on it like they do.  But hey, I was taking pictures of cattle like she does!  The cattle just won't cooperate!
Oh, thanks.  You weren't exactly my choice of cattle to photograph, but at least you have your head out of the grass.
And you may not be gorgeous, but you too are at least walking around with your head above the grass.
Thanks guys for letting me play Pioneer Woman for a couple of hours!  I had a ball!  


Lisa said...

Well that looks lilke a fun time. Right up MY alley anyways. The livestock looks wonderful and obviously well cared for. I bet you all had a really good time. Did you get to eat at the ranch and have some good ole burgers? Or steak? Looks like you would have had plenty to chose from! I really need to go visit that place too. My list gets longer thanks to you and your beautiful pictures!

Marge said...

Lisa, There was no restaurant at the ranch. I was kind of surprised by that. Thought they would showcase their burgers or something! It was a lot of fun....and great photo ops depending on which side of the bus you were sitting on! All shots are through the windows or door, mostly while the bus is moving!


Robbin with 2 B's! said...

So funny Marge, you did a great PW! (I liked your comments better than her's!) Cool place, I'd like that too!

Russell said...

Sure is a different world down there in Texas! Heh!

Here in Iowa we have ice, ice, snow, ice, ice, fog, ice, ice and more ice! To be totally honest, a lot of the ice is actually melting now with some warmer temps -- but there is still a lot of it around.

This coming week it will be cold again, so it looks like we have a ways to go with winter!

Enjoy the sun and fun in Texas!!!