Saturday, January 02, 2010


We took a quick drive over to North Padre Island this afternoon.  It was extremely windy, which is every day actually, and we didn't walk the beach for very long.  And then my camera battery died!  I guess I didn't recharge it after taking a whole bunch of photos the last couple of days.  So after the two pictures of the gulf the camera went dead.  Oh well, we'll go back.

 We stopped at the Visitors' Center and watched a short video about the area, then went for a short walk on the beach.  And I didn't get my feet wet, a first for me!
 Isn't this a neat picture of the water?
I love the water.  Love to watch the waves lapping on the shore.  Love the sound of the waves.
And I would have liked to have taken more pictures, but with a dead battery.........

Hope my family up north is keeping warm in their minus 25 temps.  It's only about 45 out now......thanks for sharing your cold front!  Maybe it will slow down those pesky mosquitoes.


Joni said...

I love the sights and sounds at the ocean too. It's very exhilarating to stand and have the cccold water come in and bury your feet in the sand. In fact, I wish I was there now...of course I wish it was 80 degrees outside, but that's not happenin' either! My daughter and her beau actually went to the ocean today and I know they are freezing their hineys off. That'll teach 'em.

Love the pictures.

Lisa said...

I love the ocean too. The sounds, the site, the smells, I just love it.
Hang on to your shorts....the artic cold blast is coming. Don't know if it will make it that far south, but it is going to be really really cold here Thurs. Probably nothing new for you, but suppose to be the coldest since 1996 for us....ouch!