Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I just can't concentrate.  I have photos to share with you from a road trip to Rockport and a stop along the Gulf shore.  I have photos from our visit yesterday to the Lexington, a WWll aircraft carrier.  I have projects that are unfinished.....aprons, pieces for a quilt, fabric for a new kind of purse.  I have a stack of books, one written by my son's friend up in Alaska which I just received, and could be reading any number of them.  But I can't concentrate.

Am I homesick?  Yes.  I have four grandkids with birthdays in January and I'm not around for any of them.  Am I sad?  Yes.  A young woman who was a student at the college where I worked, and her husband who has been absent often because of military obligations, were blessed with their first child on New Year's Day.  Little Hazel was born with a heart defect,  is not doing well, and her young parents are preparing themselves to say good bye to her.  Check the site for Hazel here.  I am also sad about the horrible earthquake in Haiti.  I have several blogging friends who have adopted from Haiti, and their kids still have siblings and family in Haiti.  I cannot imagine the devastation and utter chaos in a land that is among the poorest on earth.

So I went for a walk.  In the rain.  I picked up some shells for granddaughter Jaden who asked for sea shells.  But we won't be walking in the rain tonight or tomorrow when the forecast says we are to receive torrential rainfall.  Possibly four to six inches.  Do you think my trailer will float like Noah's ark?  Do you think the sky is also sad and the raindrops are just tears?  Is the sky crying for Hazel's parents and for the people of Haiti?


Rick and LuAnn said...

Sometimes it's just good to cry, and pick up broken sea shells....

Lisa said...

OH yes I think the heavens cry too. I know that this seems all very overwhelming for you and I can not imagine what your heavy heart feels like, but I do know your faith will carry you through this dark time. I am sure it is sad to miss the four birthdays, so start planning something special, a special letter, or card homemade, or a special dinner when you get home with each of the grandchildren....but plan each one with them on their birthday by phone. And yes, so tragic for Hazel and her parents. I have no words, no concept what it must be like to be in Haiti. I was thinking if I had joined the Red Cross like I had thought about, I might be on my way now to help. I am a helper you know.

But I do have a favor I would like to ask of you. I understand the rain is going to be heavy, so not any time soon, but you please collect me some shells and bring them to our meeting in OKC? When I went to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle I collect shells, but did not get enough to fill the vase or container that I found to put them in on my cabinet. That would be an awesome favor to me if you could do that at some point in time. I don't see us making it to any ocean/beaches any time soon so that would help to finish decorate my bathrooom where my pictures hang and I display my few shells!!

I hope you do ok during the rain, might be a good time to go to town and shop all day at the mall???? well, maybe go to a movie and eat out. I can sure recommend The Blind Side. Excellant show.

Take care, I will be thinking of you.