Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Monday was the most beautiful day we've had since we arrived, almost a month ago.  We took advantage of the weather and drove across the big bridge over to North Padre Island.  We just turned left on one of the public beach roads, and this is where we ended up.  The Gulf was covered in diamonds sparkling in the afternoon sun, and someone was apparently trusting that no fish would take the bait on the end of this line and interrupt the little snooze he was taking on the pier.  There were a lot of folks fishing, I didn't see anyone catching anything, no one seemed to care, and I think the sole purpose of the afternoon on the pier was to soak in the sun.
Or maybe to just gaze off into the distance along the shoreline.
Pictured below is the road we were driving on.....the sand!  It's a super highway on bright sunny afternoons!

On one side was the Gulf with several oil platforms off in the distance.

Some of the travelers on the highway weren't in cars.  Doesn't this look like fun?


The other side of the road was lined with sand dunes.

When we returned to our campsite I decided to go for another walk along the shore of the Bay.  All in all,

it was a beautiful day in Texas.


Lisa said...

Now THAT'S what I am talking about. How beautiful. Makes it all worth while for you to be there I hope. I loved the horses just out on the beach. Are there any regulations on stuff like that? For instance if the horses poop, do the riders have to clean it up? Like people are suppose to clean up after their dogs? Do you think they live close by or did they trailer the horses in? I think that would be one of the nicest afternoons, just to ride alone the waters edge with a bunch of good friends. OH I feel the warmth now. All to be disrupted by a severe ice and snow storm moving in tomorrow. Oh well. You enjoy the weather for me OK?

Marge said...

Well, Lisa, I enjoyed that day. Now it's back to cloudy and really windy. And your storm is affecting us, too, and it's supposed to be cold from now through the weekend, and rain starting tomorrow.

And you wouldn't believe what's on those beaches! I don't have pictures, but I think I'll do a post on objects found on the beach.

I'll enjoy the nice days for you, if we have any!

FAScinated said...

You're killing me. The windchill in MN this morning is -30. Brrrr.

Glad you're having fun! ~Kari