Saturday, January 09, 2010


I just don't understand the whole weather thing this last week.  We came to Texas to escape some of the freezing temperatures that are common to Minnesota in January.  And February.  And maybe March.  But what is really happening is that we are living in a poorly insulated trailer, on the very edge of a campground where the winds smacks us right off the bay, and it is freezing!  And when I say freezing, I really mean it.  Freezing as in the water pipes on the poorly insulated trailer sitting on the edge of the campground being blasted by the cold air in the 40 MPH winds!

Yup, when Ernie got up this morning the faucets would give forth no water.  Not good.  Water pipes are right out in the open air and if they freeze and burst, it can be mega bucks to get them repaired.  He attacked the problem with teakettles of boiling water and was able to remedy the situation.  Yay, Ernie! 

The sun is shining right now and the wind speed has lessened quite a bit, but the temperature is only in the 20's this morning, and forecasted to be the same tomorrow morning.   I guess we could experience the same fate in the morning.  Sure glad I married a fixer man!


Linda B said...

I hope you have extra blankets! Brrrr....

Joni said...

Maybe you should knit a giant trailer cozy! :)

Keep warm my friend ~

Lisa said...

Isn't Joni so funny...but she might be on to something there! I can not believe it was in the 20's.
That is unreal. Ok, stay warm! Keep us posted.