Thursday, January 28, 2010


I have made three really cute aprons since we've been in Corpus Christi, but I haven't taken pictures of them yet.  I have fabric for about 6 more so maybe I'll do one whole photo shoot on aprons!  I've also made two pocketbooks, purses, bags, or whatever you call them.  I made the pink one first and loved it, so I've been using it.  Now I've finished the lime green and aqua one, and I wish I would have waited for that one!  Oh well.  I also have fabric for about 4 more bags........I'll probably get another one out of the bunch!  It's hard to see, but the bag is roundish squarish.  It's called the tulip bag, and all four sides are exactly the same, but you put a small dart on the two sides so it folds in nicely on the top.

 Which one do you like best?  I really think the green one is cutest.....and I made the handle a bit longer and it "fits" me better!

And just so you know.  The background for the photos is "The Queen Chair."  Several years ago we gave mom this camping chair for Mother's Day.  She loved it and christened it "The Queen Chair."  We often took mom and my sister camping with us, so we just left the chair in our trailer.  Therefore, I claimed it when she died because I had possession of it!  And now I am the Queen!


Rick and LuAnn said...

Since you like the green one, I'll take the pink one!!

Lisa said...

I don't think I like one better than the other. They both have so much character to them. The pink handle would be better for me, the green appears to may be a little too long for short arms so it is nice that you can sew a perfect fit for you.

The Queen Chair, I like that. What a wonderful memory you have with that chair....forever.

Joni said...

I love your bags...both of them. It's good to know that when some of us do not have any talent whatsoever, there are those who can justifiably declare to be the queen! Nice that it was handed down - not the craftiness, but the specialness extended to the world through loving hands. Enjoy that chair and keep making beautiful things.

Anonymous said...

Just an observation, not intended to create a ruckus... but although I too prefer the green one, I think the pink one is a little more age appropriate! Just my honest opinion. Nice job, must be nice to have so many practical I can walk on my doubled over toes, but all that does is impress the kids! Enjoy your travels.