Sunday, January 17, 2010


Here we sit, Viking fans in the middle (well, I guess we're on the bottom edge) of Cowboy territory, and we are going to party!  Our friends, Glenn and Carole (sorry about the Ravens last night) are coming over to our little trailer for food and football and Favre!  Carole is bringing taco salad, I have refried beans and tortillas, munchy vegetables, and peach pie with ice cream.  We are ready for some football!


FAScinated said...

Favre looks so pretty in purple.

Mom in MN said...

Yes, he does! And it was so fun to watch the purple dominate the game. YEAH!!!

Lisa said...

Man that was not even a game!!!! Of course I would like to have seen Dallas win, but if they were going to be beat, I would rather it be by the Vikings. And I will be cheering them on against the Saints and as they enter the Super Bowl. So do you all have satelite in your trailer? Sounds like you have a pretty good set up there. Good food, good friends, and a good victory!