Saturday, January 30, 2010


I guess I complained enough yesterday so the sun finally came out.  I walked the beach, as I do every day, and caught a few photos.  This guy comes around almost every day about four in the afternoon and goes for a little ride on the bay.  I'm guessing he gets off work at four and needs to refresh himself a bit before heading to his dorm room.  It is pretty much clockwork, every day at four he is out there, sun or not.  Yesterday he lucked out because the sun did come out.  In fact it turned out to be a lovely afternoon. 


Lisa said...

OH much much better than your previous posting. Love the pics and the weather. So are you on your way back to Oklahoma??? We have to get together on your way home....please! Come through Tulsa or I will meet you at OKC..either way I will show you some really neat stuff here.

Marge said...

Lisa, we plan to come through Oklahoma....Tulsa I believe! That's right next to you, right? And we will get together for sure!