Monday, January 25, 2010


This is a tour of our campground.  The pictures were taken Thursday morning.  It's it a beautiful place?  This is right behind our trailer, looking to the North where the laundry room and bathrooms are located.

This is our lovely view to the East overlooking Corpus Christi Bay.
The next one is to the South Southeast and the beautiful sunrise. 

And this one to the West shows you the large campground and the many trailers that are camped here.

There.  Wasn't that a fun tour?  Bet you all want to come down and enjoy the beautiful scenery for yourself!


Jeanne said...

Very lovely!!
I hope things were better today. We had such a dreary, grey day here on Saturday, but then Sunday and today were beautiful and almost spring-like.
I hope you have a good week there with better days for picture taking!

Memaw's memories said...

Lovely view. I bet it's warmer there than were I am. We're at a very warm 42 this afternoon.

Lisa said...

Well I bet you will be happy to see the sun!!!??? But you could run up here real quick and get in on the fun here. We are expecting about 1/2 inch of ice, then 4-10 inches of snow. You probably have that all the time back home, but it is not common here. They are afraid we are going to have power outages as well...just like we did a couple years ago. But we are ready with generators, food,firewood and nothing on the calendar!
Can't wait to catch up with you all soon! And I sent you a text the other day during the game, don't know if you got it or not!