Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday morning started out sunny with heavy fog.  We headed to the Texas Aquarium to hopefully see the sights before the predicted deluge hit.  The forecast called for 4-6 inches of rain.  It started literally dumping rain about suppertime, and by this morning the reports say 5 inches.  AND, there are 3 to 5 more forecast for today.  Everything in Texas is big!  When it's windy, it's WINDY, when it rains, it RAINS, and when it's foggy, it FOGGY as the picture below suggests.  Half a bridge is completely hidden!

The first attraction was the dolphins, always a fun show.  Jaden, Madison and Anna, this picture is for you!
 And the next one is for granddaughter Kjirsten.  These are a sparkley gold colored piranha.  Kjirsten stuck her hand in her father's piranha tank when she was a little girl, and she has a perfect circle of tiny teeth marks on her hand where the piranha took a bite out of her!  Just think of all the stories she can tell about her trek through the jungle in piranha infested rivers........good attention getter! 

These fish, and of course I don't know the name, are the ones that swim around and around and around in the huge circular tank.  Sorry for the blurry picture.

I love this picture of the shell with the little creature peaking out!  See his eyes?
And you all know my fascination with jelly fish.  I am so sad when I see all the dead ones along the shore, so I stood in front of this tank for a long time yesterday, watching the quiet, peaceful jellyfish drifting up and down in their tank.  This is the most relaxing scene to me, a real stress buster, and I wish I could have one wall of my home made into a tank with jellyfish in it.  I'd be as relaxed as a limp dishrag!  
I like the simple translucent  jellyfish, I think they're called moon jelly fish, as pictured above, but this fancy one with all the fluffy accessories is fun to watch too.


Lisa said...

I think I am becoming addicted to jellyfish too thanks to you! I love the pictures of them. Maybe you should come through Tulsa and we go to the Aquarium here, it is pretty neat..with lots of beautiful jellyfish!
Hope you all don't float away with all the rain, sounds as if you are in for a bad stretch. Stay grounded and call if you get some free time and just want to talk!

Jeanne said...

Welcome to Texas! Yes the weather here has been quite bizarre lately. We've had a very cold winter and snow two years in a row when normally we get a little snow about once every 10 years. You're pictures a wonderful!