Thursday, February 18, 2010


Mission Espada was the furthest south and the smallest of the missions.  It was also the mission mostly likely to be attacked.  However, when the bells were rung as a signal, the folks at Mission San Juan could hear them and would quickly come to their aid.


This small chapel is home to an active congregation, and a Padre lives on the grounds in one of the old buildings.  The statue of Christ on the left has movable joints so the arms can be posed in different ways.  The one of Mary on the right is built with removable hands, so she can be dressed in different clothes throughout the church year.  The gold one in the center was once painted a dull brown to keep it from being stolen, but during a cleaning some of the paint chipped off and they found the gold leaf under it!
 The chapel is quite small, but as I mentioned, is home to an ative congregation.
 We had a really hard time finding Mission Concepcion.  It's downtown San Antonio, just a short distance from the Alamo, in an area that you wouldn't imagine you'd find such a treasure.  Most of the homes have bars on the windows and doors, the yards are filled with junk and overgrown shrubs and graffiti is common.
 The church was being repaired so we were not permitted entrance.  It seems to be quite large.
 This view from the side boasts some huge palm trees.
We didn't learn much about the history of this mission, but it looked interesting, and I was wishing I could have seen the interior.
 Tiny leaves are bursting forth amongst the bright orange berries.  Spring is coming to Texas.  The temperature was 62 on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I'm guessing it's at least that today.  Rain coming tonight, though.

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What a wonderful way to take a tour. You do all the work, and I just look. I know you are having a great time and looks like the weather is cooperating.