Wednesday, February 24, 2010


At about nine this morning we had to say good bye to Glenn and Carole as they headed east through Houston and on to New Orleans and Florida before turning north to their home in Maryland and we needed to go north to Minnesota.  We have had so much fun with them, sightseeing, exploring, getting lost, eating together, and playing cards.  (Hand and foot.  You know it?)   Last night we went out for BBQ with them.  Ernie and I had the baked corn, beans, and ribs.

I think you can see that everyone cleaned up their food pretty well!  Messy on the fingers, but good food!
So this morning we took off for home.  We often take the smaller state highways rather than the freeways.  It's more interesting, and there is less traffic.  Maybe you can't drive as fast, but that's a plus for me too!  There is no need to careen down the highway at 75 miles an hour!
We pulled off to the side of the road for a potty break.  No, not in this abandoned gas station.  Remember, we are pulling our own behind us! 
Lunch time came as we drove through an historic old town, and we stopped at this unique cafe, The Wooden Spoon.  See the green shrubs along the building?  Artificial Christmas trees! 
And there was another one inside, adorned in shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day.   The walls were painted peeling brick walls, with a couple of cupboards and counters in yellow and green.  The black and white checkerboard was repeated on the seat covers on the bar stools and on the rear wall of the cafe.  The tables were homemade, with the frame and legs painted yellow and green, and the tops were painted white with animals painted on the tops.  Animals like you'd find in baby books.......cute bunnies, puppies, kitties, etc!  The floor was cement and along one wall was a long church bench, painted yellow and green.  Cute place with good food.

Along the road were several cattle ranches, and.............................................................
SNOW!  It was funny to see a four foot tall snowman standing in a green yard.  This part of Texas had snow again yesterday.  It had melted all except for the snowmen and in the shaded places.
The late afternoon sun made the plants outside the motel just glow.
Was fun to have a few touches of spring outside our window.
And it was nice to have an ice cream store right next to the motel.  We had a modest dinner of left over salad that was in the frig in the trailer, so I figured we deserved a treat!  He had strawberry.  As always.  I had chocolate.  Also as always!  

Tomorrow is Tulsa and I'll really have a story to tell you the next day!  No, I'm not telling now.  You have to wait! 

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