Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This is the last straw.  Sleet, cold, and possible snow.  This is TEXAS!!!!  We are leaving tomorrow, heading home to Minnesota.  We might as well be home if it's going to be below freezing and snowing. Seriously now, we had planned to leave tomorrow before we heard about this weather.  But it sure cements our plan. Our friends are also leaving in the morning.   Shortly Texas will be a memory in the rear view mirror.

So before we leave we are going to dinner tonight with our dear friends, Glenn and Carole.  We decided a good old Texas BBQ was in order before we leave.

Tomorrow night, God willing, we will be posting from northern Texas.  Until then, keep warm, keep safe, and God bless.


Jeanne said...

Yes this winter has been unusually cold here in Texas. I hope you find some good barbque tonight to warm you up. Our favorite Hill Country barbque is the Salt Lick which is close to Driftwood, but that would be quite a drive from San Antonio I think. Well, hope you have a safe trip back!

Memaw's memories said...

What a crazy winter. It has been snowing in El Paso also. I hope for you a safe uneventful journey home.