Thursday, March 04, 2010


We have been home for a few days but I've been suffering from PTSD over the trip through Iowa and the horribly bumpy road we decided to take.  And the scenery through most of the state didn't help my stress either.  This is an intersection along the highway!  Often the snow banks were higher than street signs or stop signs.  Rather a dangerous situation, wouldn't you say?
And then we turned down our street in small town Minnesota.
 Icicles on the building next to our place.
I probably should have taken in the bench and the two chairs.....oh well.  They should be clean at least!
 This icicle has formed beneath the exhaust of the furnace.
And this beautiful tree is still gracing the living room.........we left for Texas just three days after Christmas, so I didn't have time to take the tree down.  I guess this will be tomorrow's job.
It's good to be home.  Nothing is as comfortable as my own bed and I have slept well four out of the five nights since we returned.  Now if I would only find the motivation to put away everything we hauled in from the trailer.

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Lisa said...

Man, with all that snow....doesn't it make you wish you were back in Texas. No I mean doesn't that make you wish you were back in Sapulpa, OKLAHOMA!!! Miss you and sorry you went home to that!