Saturday, March 06, 2010

FIVE YEARS AGO................

March 5, 2005:  Venice, Italy!  I went on the art trip to Italy with the class from the college where I worked.  I had my dear friend Lisa for a roommate on this once in a life time trip.  We flew into Amsterdam from Minneapolis, then boarded a smaller plane and flew to Venice. 
The sun was setting as we left the airport by bus and were dropped off at the dock for our ride to the hotel in a water taxi.
San Marco Plaza....... WOW!
The streets are really water!
We wanted a ride, but the gondoliers were napping, and it cost way too much for my tiny budget.

Tomorrow is Florence!


Linda B said...

It just amazes me that buildings can be in water like that (or next to it) and not sink in further! Looking forward to seeing more pictures!

Lisa said...

That is INCREDIBLE !!!!! If it weren't so far away I would want to go see it for myself. I just don't think I can make a day trip out of that no matter how hard I try!