Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We went for a ride this weekend, and found bare fields.  Where did the snow go? 
Is it here?  No............
Is it here?  No........where could it have gone?
Not here either.  Hummmmm, where could it be?

Oh, here it is.  Filling the space that is normally open between the river and the bridge.
And there it is too, filling the pavilion at the local county park.
Oh, it's here too, right under the swing set.  Guess we won't be bringing any grandkids here in the near future.
This is actually the middle of the road in the park.
Shucks, guess we can't go camping either!  

This is the state of the Minnesota River in our area.  I think it's going down now.  Hopefully no further flooding will take place and the waters will recede, and soon green grass will replace this water. 


Jeanne said...

Well at least it's finally melted -so that's a start.
We had another cold blast that came in on the first day of spring but it was already back in the low 70's this afternoon. We'll be complaining about the heat here soon!

Grandson Justin said...

how did you take these pictures?

Marge said...

Hey Justin! Good to hear from you? How is the broken arm? These pictures were taken from the edge of the highway by Seven Mile Creek. I just zoomed in quite a bit. The bridge one is from St Peter. You guys have water too. How's that going?

Justin said...

The arm is doing well! I have 2 more weeks in the splint then I'm done. The water here is definitely up a lot. It was almost touching the bottom of the lift bridge when we drove past a few days ago. But i have friends who went down there during spring break and this week who say it hasn't made it up to the levee. The lift bridge reopens a midnight.

Lisa said...

man Marge, that is a LOT of water! Hope it moves on out pretty soon so that many can once again enjoy the beauty and fun of the parks. Stay safe and I love love love the picture of the hills and the curvy road!