Saturday, October 31, 2009


Our beautiful daughter-in-law Morticia Tya, invited us to join their Halloween party tonight.  She greeted us in her holiday best but we almost didn't recognize her!

Their home was appropriately decorated.

Our granddaughters are the bride on the left, Jaden, and the pink princess on the right, Madison.  The other beauties are their friends.

These two little princesses are just as cute as they can be, aren't they?  Madison is on the right.

It didn't take the kids long to eat their supper and in no time they were out the door with their bags and buckets to collect candy.  Of course, plenty of parents accompanied them.  Small town it may be, but you can't be too careful.


Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

It looks like a wonderful party!! (I love the decorations, makes me wish I had done more with our house!)

The two princesses were gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Oh that is just too cute. I love it when kids dress up. Not just about the candy but to use their minds to go outside the box. Looks as if yours had a pretty good time!